GreenFlag Ventures Inc. Considers Acquisition of Bermuda Specialty Financial Company 33 Limited

| Source: GreenFlag Ventures Inc.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 27, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GreenFlag Ventures Inc. (TSX-V: GFV), a diversified holding company, announces today that it is actively considering possible acquisition of 33 Limited, a Bermuda-based specialty finance company with a history of creating customized capital solutions for its clients. 33 Limited boasts global reach and hundreds of transactions to date, making it an attractive partner for a corporation like GreenFlag Ventures, a public company specialized in capital investment and tailored financial advisory solutions. With an extensive focus on resource and mining exploration and development, GreenFlag Ventures sees 33 Limited as a strategic fit to its existing portfolio.

Similar to GreenFlag Ventures, 33 Limited specializes in financing mining companies. This year alone, 33 Limited has generated $3 million in revenues with more than a third of the year still to come. To continue the momentum of its profitable endeavors in 2014, 33 Limited's management plans to increase its resources to further grow the company's core business model, allowing service of an even more extensive array of clients. Reaching an agreement with GreenFlag Ventures could propel 33 Limited forward with an abundant supply of funding and resources.

This acquisition would create some great synergies between the two companies, and the joining with 33 Limited would allow the company to dramatically expand the mining aspect of GreenFlag Ventures while bringing explosive revenues to GreenFlag's new holding division that is still in its infancy.

Providing the greatest return on investment to its shareholders is a longtime objective for GreenFlag Ventures. While the company focuses primarily on resource and mining exploration and development, it has more recently expanded into the online gaming market with the popular site, GreenFlag Ventures strengthens and supports clients and shareholders through decades of experience, offering sound financial advice and investment capital to advance businesses of all sizes. Joining with 33 Limited would create new opportunities for both companies as well as their shareholders.

A union between GreenFlag Ventures and 33 Limited supports the shared mission of advancing mining and mineral resource initiatives while also promoting growth and expansion for both companies and their shareholders. Executives from both firms understand the full potential of a merger of this scale and the profound impacts it could have on their shareholders. 33 Limited champions trust and transparency as the core building blocks needed to achieve and maintain strong client relationships, a vision shared by GreenFlag Ventures.


GreenFlag Ventures Inc. (GFV:TSXv)(DV1A:FRA) is a diversified company specialized in capital investment and tailored financial advisory solutions to corporations of all sizes. The company focuses extensively on resource and mining exploration and development, and is engaged in the exploration of its own mineral resource projects while also investing in other mining companies and their associated projects in order to offer the greatest return of investment to its shareholders. In one of its newest divisions, GreenFlag Ventures owns the popular online gaming site, which enables online gamers to play lotteries, table games, slots, poker, and other casino games without downloading software. The company currently considers the acquisition of new businesses, respectively the expansion of existing business units. For more information, visit

33 Limited is a Bermuda-based finance company with a history of creating customized capital solutions that meet its clients' unique financial needs. With a global reach and hundreds of transactions completed to date, 33 Limited is helping companies and shareholders all over the world to access the capital they need to execute their business plans and achieve their financial goals. 33 Limited believes in big possibilities and leverages its abundant resources to help clients move toward a brighter future. From early-stage private ventures to established public companies to individual shareholders, 33 Limited works with all of its clients every step of the way to ensure they have a strategic partner by their side during their journey toward success.

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