Santa Fe Springs, CA, Sept. 23, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Santa Fe Springs, CA. September 22nd 2014. Global Fashion Technologies, Inc (OTC: PPBLD) is pleased to announce that it has completed agreements with Pure System International Ltd. that call for joint efforts to develop a new business dedicated to fiber rejuvenation. Addressing the a worldwide problem that results in trillions of pounds of textiles being disposed of annually, the partnership will produce a sustainable textile fiber through a highly patented process that returns the textile to a fiber state and prepares the fiber for a variety of new textile end uses.

"Our collaborative efforts could very well lead to significant market paradigm shifts, said Tom Witthuhn CEO of Global Fashion Technologies. "We will be "Up Cycling" pre-consumer production waste textiles into high quality fiber and leveraging a very strong story of true sustainability."

"We believe it is time to turn sustainability idealism into practical reality by making a dramatic impact on global waste rejuvenation. The partnership between Pure System International and Global Fashion Group advances holistic earthly stewardship by the rejuvenation of hundreds of millions of pounds of fabric waste into high quality textile and non-woven products. The goal of communal sustainability will be effected through commitments with Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Pure and Global Fashion are pleased to foster an eco-revolution together." Joy Nunn, CEO, Pure System International.

The company is currently considering multi locations for it production facilities as it gears up for initial production in Spring 2015.

"We are pleased to be working with Global Fashion Technology to bring sustainable, superior performing fibers to the textile markets, including fashion textiles and non-wovens for personal care and home care.  Our fiber technologies will provide a step change to customers seeking superior performance with a sustainability edge."  Paul Serbiak, Managing Partner of Pure.

Chris Giordano, Global's Co-Chairman exclaimed, "This is a landmark event for our shareholders. It is marked by cutting edge technology and true "brand identification" for the products associated with this process. This is truly extraordinary given the limited major breakthroughs in textile technologies in recent years.

Secondly, there is an extremely large market for our end product. Our customers are not only getting the best textile fiber available but will be able to work with us as leaders in the drive towards sustainability. This could very well create a paradigm shift in what is done with waste cotton since this we now have "one of a kind" patented technology that is highly innovative and very difficult to reproduce.

Global Fashion Technologies Inc is dedicated to marketing branded apparel and related textiles throughout the worldwide markets. Pure System International and Pure Sustainable Product Technologies Inc are dedicated to finding innovative procedures to "up cycle" components found within the global waste stream to develop superior performing products.


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