PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - October 21, 2014) - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that on average in the United States, an estimated 5 to 20 percent of the population get the flu and more than 200,000 people are hospitalized from seasonal flu-related complications each year. Between the changing weather and constant exposure to harmful germs, winter can be tough on a person's immune system.

With winter and the flu season coming soon -- it's important to make sure that your immune system can stave off illness. With recent virus outbreaks occurring in the U.S., it's even more critical that you get your immune system in tip-top shape.

Taking certain nutraceuticals is an easy way to boost your immune system. Here's a list of the top five immune products from Kirkman®, a company that specializes in immune products and other nutraceuticals for those with sensitivities and chronic illnesses.

1) IP-6 with Calcium and Magnesium - Flavored Powder contains Inositol hexaphosphate (IP-6), which is a natural carbohydrate found in cereal grains, brown rice, corn, sesame, wheat bran, beans and other foods high in fiber. IP-6 possesses antioxidant and immune-enhancing properties that, when tested in-vitro, exhibit significant protective and growth-regulating effects on cells and tissues. Cardiovascular support has also been reported. Kirkman's IP-6 is offered with the essential minerals calcium and magnesium, in a citrus flavored, extra strength powder that can be mixed in the beverage of your choice. The product tastes great mixed in water or juices.

2) Beta Glucan - Hypoallergenic is a powerful immune-supporting nutritional supplement, which unlike most beta glucan products on the market, possesses the form of glucan that has active and significant immune supporting functions. It is also a hypoallergenic formulation, particularly designed for individuals with special requirements and sensitivities. This unique compound stimulates the immune response by supporting white blood cells known as macrophages.

3) CD-Herbal™ is a powerful hypoallergenic blend of herbal components that support gastrointestinal health by helping control undesirable gut flora. This product is formulated to be used with CD-Biotic™, a specialty probiotic designed to support healthy gastrointestinal flora when certain difficult bacteria have populated the gut.

4) Yeast-Aid™ - Hypoallergenic is formulated to support the immune system and control yeast levels in the body. The product was developed with the guidance of the late Dr. William Crook, an expert in yeast issues. It is intended that this supplement only be used if recommended by a physician.

5) Super Cranberry Extract 100 mg - Chewable Tablets uses a new and patented form of cranberry extract manufactured by Shanstar™ Biotech, Inc. of Chadwick Bay, New York that is more concentrated in anthocyanins and antioxidants than other cranberry extracts on the market. Kirkman's Super Cranberry Extract is an active nutraceutical concentrate prepared from cranberries by a proprietary resin-based process. This unique process yields a concentrated extract, which possesses more antioxidant properties and anthocyanin content than those usually associated with cranberry juice. Our new, improved formula contains stevia. Kirkman® also offers this unique cranberry extract in a hypoallergenic capsule. 

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Kirkman® is the leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements for individuals with special sensitivities and dietary requirements. Founded in 1949, Kirkman® is also the oldest nutritional supplement company serving the special needs community. This experience has allowed Kirkman® to pioneer effective products in many areas of nutritional supplementation for individuals with special health needs. Kirkman® distinguishes itself from other nutraceutical companies with its Ultra Tested® protocol for purity testing, which calls for testing every raw ingredient in every product it manufactures for more than 950 environmental contaminants. To learn more about Kirkman®, visit the company website at www.kirkmangroup.com.

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