SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 22, 2014) - In recent years, entrepreneurial therapists have comprised the fast-growing sector in outpatient physical therapy. But companies like Agility Health Inc. (TSX VENTURE: AHI) are beginning to seize acquisition opportunities and market share in this growing sector. Steven Davidson, CEO of Agility Health Inc., tells The Life Sciences Report how his company is innovating in the physical therapy space, improving patient care and clients' bottom lines through its management expertise and proprietary software, AgileRPM. With baby boomers aging and the Affordable Care Act increasing access to services, physical therapy just might be the safe haven sector to shield your portfolio from macroeconomic uncertainty.

The Life Sciences Report: What is the structure of the national physical therapy market?

Steven Davidson: Physical therapy is a $31 billion ($31B) market. During the last 20 years, the sector has steadily experienced a 6% annual growth rate. One reason for the growth is that baby boomers are getting older. But in addition to that, there is a strong national trend toward evidence-based medicine. The market is sorting out what types of services provide the best value for the dollar. Studies report that rehab is a cost-saver, especially when compared to surgery and other procedures. For example, early therapeutic intervention for workers' compensation claims saves as much as...

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