SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 30, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With obesity rates rising to epidemic levels, thousands of Americans are searching for the fastest way to lose excess fat. Unfortunately, many people are learning that the easy way is not always the safest and most effective way.

The FDA and the CBP (Customs and Border Protection) recently took action against websites that sell potentially dangerous, unapproved prescription drugs to U.S. consumers. Over 500 packages, bound for unsuspecting U.S. citizens, were seized and internet service providers, domain name registrars and related organizations were notified that 1,975 websites were selling products in violation of U.S. law.

Millions of people are cheated each year by internet scams and companies whose livelihood depends on selling off-label, counterfeit and bootleg pills purporting to be the same quality and content as the U.S. approved versions. These pills are manufactured outside of the U.S., where there are no safety standards. Because there are no government regulations or manufacturing standards, these diet pills may contain potentially harmful ingredients, as well as containing none of the actual ingredients touted to generate fast weight loss. Unfortunately, American consumers have little to no legal recourse and these internet scams may also expose them to credit card fraud, identity theft and computer viruses.

Unlike internet scams and fraudulent websites, Diet Doc's reputation was built on a solid foundation of honesty and integrity by providing the safest and most effective prescription diet pills and products available on today's market. Their exclusive diet pills cannot be purchased in retail stores and are available by prescription only to qualified patients subsequent to an online consultation with one of Diet Doc's specially trained fast weight loss physicians. During the consult, the patient's health history, current medical conditions and weight loss goals will be thoroughly reviewed and assessed. Meal and snack plans will be strategically created by the company's nutritionists that are specific to each patient's personal nutritional needs and that work flawlessly with the prescription diet pills and products to melt fat safely and quickly. Each patient's journey is medically supervised and monitored throughout via scheduled weekly checkup calls.

To further ensure the safety of their patients, all Diet Doc prescription diet products are manufactured in fully licensed, FDA approved, U.S. based pharmacies. Qualified patients may choose to have their products delivered directly to their home and will find an accompanying Certificate of Analysis, performed by a third party laboratory, detailing the quality and quantity of all active ingredients.

This level of personal service and attention cannot be duplicated by the competition and has helped to make Diet Doc the nation's most trusted and reliable source for medical weight loss.

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