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Ecosciences, Inc. Sees Large Opportunities for Its Bioremediation Products to Combat the Growing Global Problem of Fat, Oil & Grease Disposal

Industry Article States "Thousands of fat, oil and grease (FOG) related sewer spills every year cost billions of dollars for water authorities worldwide."

JERICHO, NY--(Marketwired - Nov 19, 2014) - Ecosciences, Inc. (OTCQB: ECEZ) ("Ecosciences" or the "Company") today discusses the growing problem that the improper disposal of fat, oil and grease (FOG) is having on sewers and water systems in the US and around the world. The Company believes that their bio-remediation products are a viable solution for numerous businesses and governments plagued by the associated risings costs in combating this issue. 

Several industry articles have recently been written, and numerous cities and counties in the US have written website articles and other materials addressing the increasing problems caused by improper fat, oil and grease disposal. The following is a small sample of such articles and websites:

Fat, oil and grease in pipelines and sewers cost billions in repairs

Fat, oil and grease cause problems in Rochester sewers

 Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) pose major problems for every municipality in the U.S. and Columbus is no exception

Just as grease clogs your arteries, it clogs the local sewer district's and County's arteries

Why Does the City of Oxford Need a FOG Control Program?

The Company's products have been formulated in tablet form under the brands TRAP-EZE, SEPT-EZE, TANK-EZE and WASH-EZE. These tablets are revolutionary bio-remediation products that are designed to make collection systems and treatment facilities more efficient. From grease traps to the largest treatment facilities, Eco-Logical Tablets use a unique oxygen delivery system to create the optimal environment for the aerobic degradation of organic waste without the need of expensive dosing equipment or hazardous chemicals.

Management commented, "Our proprietary products have been in use with commercial and government end user customers for some time. We are confident our products can have an impact globally on the issues caused by excess fat, oil and grease in the sewage and waterworks systems. We feel the opportunity ahead of us is large, both on a domestic and international scale. We are at the early stages of our business development and are look forwarding to growing our business by being an effective bio-remediation solutions provider. We also look forward to educating our shareholders about our industry and our strategy as we execute our business plans."

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Ecosciences, Inc. focuses on building, acquiring and investing in businesses around ecological and life sciences. From waste water remediation to healthcare and more, Ecosciences, Inc. is committed to building a better living environment for all people. The Company currently has one wholly-owned subsidiary, Eco-logical Concepts, Inc. (, which operates the Company's core business of producing and selling bio-remediation products under the brands TRAP-EZE, SEPT-EZE, TANK-EZE and WASH-EZE.

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