SPRING HILL, Fla., Nov. 25, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ReelTime Rentals, Inc. (OTC:RLTR) proudly announces today that the Title Sponsorship of its Radio production 'LoudMouth News' has been purchased by CannaBrands, Inc (OTC:CBMJ). The one year $60,000.00 sponsorship provides CannaBrands certain advertising and promotional rights in connection with the LoudMouth News program and other promotional activities.

James Hodge, Chairman and CEO of ReelTime remarked, "Today's agreement with CannaBrands marks the beginning of a relationship that will be mutually beneficial to both parties. LoudMouth News serves as a news portal for the controversial emerging cannabis industry via a rapidly expanding main stream media network. CannaBrands is well situated as the leading Cannabis branding company to provide continuing support for LoudMouth News. The revenue from this sponsorship alone solidifies the demand and desire for emerging companies to invest in our program. We have now realized significant revenue for the last quarter of 2014 and throughout 2015."

"We welcome the new opportunities this agreement brings forth," remarked Allison Baird, COO of Canna Brands. "We experienced a surprising amount of feedback from an interview I did on LoudMouth News and it is clear that the industry has its ears open and is thirsting for ground breaking news based programming about the marijuana industry. LoudMouth has a unique way of presenting the industry news in an informative and entertaining manner. This effort is part of a national media strategy that is being executed by ReelTime and Canna Brands that we expect to continue and expand over time. This is only the beginning."

About Loud Mouth news: LoudMouth News, the first in a series of business news based productions being created by ReelTime Media Group, is an effort to spread awareness of publically traded companies and products that are shaping the emerging marijuana industry. LoudMouth news serves to provide news coverage on the expansion of this emerging sector and the company's active in the marketplace.

LoudMouth News, the first in a series of business news based productions being created by ReelTime Media Group, is an effort to spread awareness of publically traded companies that are shaping the emerging legal marijuana industry.

Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia currently have laws legalizing marijuana in some form and legalization is expected to sweep the nation in the years to come out. ReelTime Media Group is in the business of identifying and monetizing individuals and companies who have been thrust into the public eye through the media. This awareness may come as a result of being featured on a TV show, news worthy event, or viral social media exposure. Most individuals and companies are not prepared to monetize such exposure and often times find the exposure passes without having used it to their advantage. ReelTime through its partners is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the exposure and to maximize the benefits. Maximizing the opportunity may be achieved via merchandising, leveraging exposure into relationships, creating and marketing new revenue streams for existing products, and launching new products. ReelTime also helps increase the exposure that its partners receive and aid in the shaping of its image.

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