BOSTON, MA and LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Dec 2, 2014) - Entuity®, provider of enterprise-class network management solutions, today announced the general availability of Entuity 15.0, a major release of its award-winning software, along with SurePath™ 2.0, Entuity's application path analysis solution that determines in real-time the actual network path an application travels between two IP address endpoints anywhere on the network.

SurePath Application Path Analysis
Entuity SurePath provides near real time network insight by using proprietary patent pending algorithms to automatically discover, typically in 30 seconds or less, the actual path(s) that interconnect clients and servers (or servers and servers) responsible for delivering an application service between two points anywhere on the network, with layer 2 and 3 visibility.

SurePath can be used effectively as a standalone product by both network managers and business units, or can be seamlessly integrated with Entuity's flagship network management solution. During standalone beta testing at a major financial institution, SurePath was able to solve a long-standing performance problem, within hours, by immediately determining that the path to and from a major SAP application was unnecessarily convoluted and lengthy, with numerous loop-backs. With a few simple iterations and corresponding network changes, the path was optimized, significantly improving performance, increasing productivity and boosting operational efficiency. One of the beta testers noted that, "We've never seen SAP run so fast."

SurePath can be used for troubleshooting application performance problems or for ongoing monitoring of paths as SurePath provides automatic alerts to changes in application paths. It can also be integrated with Entuity 15.0 to further automate path creation and integrate path details into services, dashboards, and reports in the Entuity system.

SurePath and Entuity Integration -- Powerful and Practical
Together, Entuity and SurePath represent an unprecedented combination of power and practicality in application path monitoring by providing both top-down and bottom-up perspectives into network state and behavior.

According to another beta tester of the integrated solution, "Our application managers have been using SurePath with great success as a standalone troubleshooting resource while the IT group was using Entuity as a network management solution. Now, with this latest release [of both Entuity and SurePath] with its tighter integration, we have even more automation and more detailed information to ensure a smooth running operation. The application management group and network operations are both in a much better position to share information while providing unparalleled service to our customers."

Among the many benefits of the Entuity 15.0/SurePath 2.0 integration are:

Application focused management -- use SurePath to help populate Entuity Services with network components. Entuity Services allow selected components that represent a service, such as a business application, to be grouped so that the overall availability of the service can be monitored. Combining SurePath's real-time path discovery feature and Entuity Services speeds service creation and facilitates application focused management.

Ease of use -- seamlessly integrate SurePath with Entuity as an additional server with a consolidated user interface, the ability to quickly view paths and path details from the Entuity navigation tree, and the capability to highlight paths in Entuity topology maps.

Automatic path creation -- automatically create paths in SurePath by selecting one or more conversations (i.e., pairs of IP addresses) from Entuity Integrated Flow Analyzer Premium (IFAP). This workflow accelerator allows users to take advantage of information already being collected by IFAP.

Greater path detail -- overlay status and utilization of both devices and ports in a path, as well as spare capacity to identify potential bottlenecks based on available capacity.

Entuity Network Management
Entuity's latest version of its network management solution, version 15.0, includes both technology and usability enhancements including:

Event Management System (EMS): Several new enhancements have been made to the EMS to streamline its usage. Most notably, SNMP Trap Handling has been fully incorporated into the EMS, allowing its powerful set of rules to be used to filter and enrich incoming traps directly through the web UI.

Reachability/RCA: Enhancements have been made to Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to improve its effectiveness and make it more suitable for today's network. ICMP administration has also been enhanced, offering finer control and moving all ICMP configuration to the web UI.

More information about these and other Entuity 15.0 and SurePath 2.0 features can be found at or in this Entuity 15 New Features Matrix.

Entuity 15.0 and SurePath 2.0 are now generally available. For additional details, to arrange a demo, or for pricing information, please contact .

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