PHOENIX, Ariz., Dec. 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - Managing corporate reputations is necessary for the success of all corporations. Large corporations are in the public eye and, in many cases, so are the people that run them. With the prevalence and power of the Internet, it is easier than ever for individuals to find out in minutes everything that they need to know about a corporation. The problem for some is that if the information that is available about them is negative, it can severely damage their reputation and hurt their operations. Corporations need to be on top of their reputation and in the new year managing corporate reputations should be a concern for many of these companies. Luckily, the experts at Phoenix's Reputation Maxx know that there are many ways the reputation of a corporation can improve and shares how to do so in the New Year.

1. Utilize social media: Clients often use social media sites to interact with corporations and to talk to others who have interacted with the company. One key to managing a corporate reputation is to keep in mind the prevalence that these sites have in the world of online reputation management. Companies need to make sure that someone is monitoring these sites and ensuring that customer concerns that are expressed on these sites are never left unattended as it can damage a reputation further if they are.

2. Promote positive press: Having a venue through which they can promote the positive developments in their corporation is a necessity in managing a corporate reputation. Positive press not only keeps the business in the public eye, but it shares important news. In cases where there has been negative content released about a brand, positive press can help offset this negativity and show clients that there is more to the corporation.

3. Accurate monitoring: another key to managing corporate reputation is to keep the reputation actively monitored. This is also important for businesses big and small. Monitoring a reputation online is the only way to be sure that the business is being represented correctly. Active monitoring can also help a corporation ensure that threats to the reputation are addressed immediately and that there is active knowledge pertaining to how the brand is being noticed by others.

The New Year can be a promising one for corporations if they are sure to utilize these methods for managing their reputations. Calling upon the experts at Phoenix reputation management firm Reputation Maxx can ensure that a corporation has the best tools possible for managing its reputation and ensuring its success. For more information visit

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