MILFORD, Mass., Dec. 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prime Numbers Technology (PNT), an independent provider of data analytics technology and the driving force behind the industry-leading travel analytics and benchmarking product known as PRIME Analytics, has announced the launch of PRIME Sourcing, a new product providing TMCs and corporations with unique and dynamic analytical capabilities to more effectively optimize travel spend and more efficiently conduct sourcing activities.

"The travel industry is severely handcuffed by the inability of technology providers to move away from an archaic, report-centric environment for data analysis," said Prime Numbers Technology Director of Business Development and Product Marketing, Sean Bloomer. "It is extremely difficult to quickly and easily analyze travel data today because of the restrictive and limited nature of old-school travel reports. The first component of PRIME Sourcing unlocks these restrictions and limitations to provide a dynamic user-centric environment for TMCs or corporations to efficiently analyze data."

Dynamic Analytics, the first component of PRIME Sourcing, provides TMCs and corporations a unique insight into spend analysis. Users can build interactive and dynamic sets of information, dissect and drill down into market share by carrier or alliance, identify key benchmarks within different levels of a corporate hierarchy, and evaluate hotel spend for RFPs within minutes. Dynamic Analytics streamlines the process of answering the most-posed questions in travel data management surrounding cost, market, and service information and displays information in an intuitive graphical interface that invites users to explore and manipulate their data to uncover valuable insight.

In addition, TMCs can analyze their entire client base's spend to drastically improve the profitability of their supplier incentive agreements, and interact with their data through both desktop and mobile applications.

PRIME Sourcing's first component was fully tested by existing PRIME clients via a month long beta. Clients were able to test-drive the functionality and provide input into the future direction of Dynamic Analytics and all future components of PRIME Sourcing such as contract monitoring, scenario modeling, and potential other uses for corporations outside of travel spend. "During the beta, Prime's development team was very responsive to my input. The TMC and corporate spend analysis features they've included completely replace the report-centric tools I'd previously utilized," said Mimi Cleary, VP, Corporate Services at Atlas Travel – Global Travel Management.

"Our clients were a key part in the development of PRIME Sourcing's first component. Their feedback allowed our team to deliver a compelling and powerful technology solution to solve one of the industry's long-standing problems," added Bloomer. "The PNT team will continue to work with our clients to simplify data analysis so anyone can review complex analytics with ease. This first component of PRIME Sourcing is just the start of more solutions to come."

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Prime Numbers Technology (PNT) is dedicated to helping clients drive significant savings in business spend through industry-recognized data analytics and benchmarking solutions. Key products currently include PRIME Analytics, PRIME Statistics, and PRIME Sourcing. PNT is in continuous development for a comprehensive suite of solutions including data analytics and benchmarking, dashboards, policy management, best practices and ROI maximization. The company is led by a team of business professionals with tactical expertise in various travel and technology sectors including global distribution systems, travel management companies, travel suppliers, data analytics companies, and publicly traded IT developers. PNT technology is licensed by some of the most recognized names in business travel with global representation by many of the Fortune 250 corporations and top 10 travel management companies. PNT is a division of Atlas Travel & Technology Group Inc., based in Milford, MA.

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