PHOENIX, Ariz., Dec. 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - For companies big and small as well as individuals, online reputation management is a key to success, especially when so much business is done through the Internet. The experts at Reputation Maxx in Phoenix, Arizona point out that many consumers go to Internet reviews and other online sources before they make decisions about what companies they will do business with for all their product and service needs. While online reputation is important for everyone, timeshare reputation management is especially important. The vacation industry is one that is very competitive, and many in the timeshare industry find that it is difficult to get the positive press that they need for many reasons, some of which are expressed by Walter Halicki, CEO of Reputation Maxx:

"Many companies in the timeshare industry find it hard to get the positive feedback they need since travelers are more likely to positively review their resort than the company that put them there. Additionally, the negative association with some timeshares has marred the name of many others. That is why timeshare reputation management is important for these brands."

There are many ways that an expert reputation management company like Phoenix Reputation Maxx can help with timeshare reputation management.

1. Engage online: As mentioned before, positive reviews are key for timeshare reputation management, but they are not always easy to get. Positive and productive online reputation management can help companies engage with their customers and organically generate the positive reviews that these companies need to grow and succeed.

2. Suppress and neutralize the negative: Many companies within and outside of the timeshare industry have faced online attacks. Online attacks can come from just about anyone including ex employees, spammers, and competitors who want to make the business look bad. A key to timeshare reputation management is using tools to face these attacks head on to prevent them from causing lasting damage to the brand.

3. Promote the positive: Timeshare reputation management is not limited to dealing with attacks online. It is very important that these companies are able to promote positive press about their brand. This helps to make a protective barrier against negative content, and it also helps timeshares keep their members up to date about developments within the company from policy changes to special promotions. A proper online reputation manager will know how to utilize positive tools to help timeshares stand out as a shining example in their industry.

All companies deserve to have stunning reputations, and with the new year just around the corner, timeshares are encouraged to think about how a trusted name can help them grow. For more information about timeshare reputation management visit

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