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The rights issue was subscribed to approximately 99,4 percent with subscription rights (a total of 4 693 939 shares). In addition, 1 629 651 shares have been applied for subscription without subscription rights, corresponding to approximately 34,5 percent of the total offer. The rights issue was thus oversubscribed by approximately 34 percent. Shares subscribed for without subscription rights (a total of 30 541 shares), have been allocated to shareholders in accordance with the principles set out in the prospectus. Information regarding such allocation will only be sent to persons entitled to allotment. PledPharma receives approximately SEK 75,6 million before issue costs.

“It is invigorating to see the strong support of our existing shareholders and the interest from new institutional investors. With this rights issue, we now have the resources to run our new drug candidate Aladote™ against acetaminophen induced acute liver failure through clinical phase II and up to a potential partnering deal. Furthermore, this positions PledPharma financially well for the upcoming partner negotiations regarding the drug candidate PledOx®, which is in the final stage of the Phase IIb study PLIANT with the goal of reducing some major serious and dose-limiting side effects from chemotherapy treatment of colorectal cancer”, says CEO Jacques Näsström.

The rights issue will increase the number of shares by 4 724 480 to a total of 28 346 883 shares and the share capital will increase by approximately SEK 248 657 to approximately SEK 1 491 941.

After registration of the share capital increase at the Companies Registration Office, the paid interim shares in the rights issue will be converted into new shares. Trading in the new shares is expected to commence on Nasdaq First North around the January 9, 2015.


For further information please contact:

Jacques Näsström, CEO PledPharma, phone +46 73 713 09 79

Michaela Gertz, CFO PledPharma, phone +46 70 926 17 75

About PledPharma
PledPharma is a Swedish pharmaceutical company developing novel therapies for life-threatening diseases. The company's initial goal is to develop a drug, PledOx®, which reduces the serious side effects associated with chemotherapy. In the latest project PP-100, Aladote™ and its ability to reduce or prevent the development of acute liver failure due to paracetamol poisoning is evaluated. Project PP-099 is based on limiting the damage that occurs to the heart muscle when a patient suffers from acute myocardial infarction. The company has the potential to offer patients valuable and unique treatments for severe, life-threatening diseases for which there may be an opportunity for faster registration process of the drug in the United States called "Breakthrough therapy". The value of the current market for preventing and reducing serious side effects from chemotherapy amounts according to Datamonitor to approximately SEK 70 billion. PledPharma (STO: PLED) is listed on the Nasdaq First North. Erik Penser AB is Certified Adviser. For more information, see

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