PHOENIX, Ariz., Dec. 18, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - Brands who want to see their business or personal reputation grow and flourish in the New Year should know that there are a number of tools and services available to them to do just that. When they utilize the services of an expert like those at Phoenix reputation management firm Reputation Maxx, they can rest assured that not only will the experts commit to promoting the brand and making it look great online, they will also protect it from online attacks.

"Anyone can fall victim to a number of forms of online attacks," says reputation expert Walter Halicki. "If you do not have the right online reputation protection techniques in place, one attack may destroy everything that you have worked for."

For companies who want to ensure that they can begin the New Year with confidence and a strong brand, online reputation protection services should be considered. Below are some of the many ways that a leading online reputation management firm can protect a brand's online image.

1. Monitoring: One of the most important parts of online reputation protection is using a variety of tools to make sure that negative threats are found and addressed the moment that they appear online. A proper online reputation management company will find these threats and meet them head on, fighting them off before they can make a lasting impact on the brand. They know how to handle a variety of threats and which techniques to use to prevent each from marring the image of the brand.

2. Building a barrier: Another key way that an Internet reputation management firm can offer online reputation protection in the New Year is by building a barrier. Companies who have a good standing online may feel that reputation management is an unnecessary expense, but the truth is that they may never know when an attack will come. A reputation management firm will be able to create strong assets, optimize them, and use them to promote positive content about the brand. As these sites promote the brand, they will also offer a way to keep negative attackers at bay with the wall of positivity that has been created.

3. Site security: When reputation management experts like Reputation Maxx manage assets for a client, they know that one of the most essential parts of their job is protecting the accounts that they manage. Online reputation protection encompasses the time and effort that they know they must put in to ensure that a company's website, social profiles, and other assets are carefully monitored and protected from hackers and others who want to do serious damage.

Before the New Year is underway, companies big and small should be considering the best way to ensure online reputation protection so that their brand will not be held back. Hiring a professional like Reputation Maxx will ensure that a brand is carefully attended to and protected to give it its best chance of success. Visit for more information.

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