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Fiksu Report Finds Facebook Audience Network Ads Massively Outperform Mobile Display

New Research Reveals 24X Increase in Average Revenue per User and Opportunities Beyond App Installs

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Dec 19, 2014) - Fiksu, Inc. (, developer of award-winning mobile marketing technologies, today published a report titled: Facebook Audience Network Investigation -- Value Beyond CPI, which reveals performance differences between Facebook Audience Network ads, traditional Facebook News Feed ads and other display networks. The report includes side-by-side comparisons of app marketing data from Fiksu clients that ran campaigns on both Facebook traffic sources as well as display ads, showing Audience Network delivers clear value beyond simple metrics like Cost Per Install (CPI).

"The Facebook Audience Network provides value to marketers well beyond the app install," said Sriram Krishnan, product manager, Facebook. "It was most interesting to see the conversion and LTV results come through so favorably in their research, further validating that the targeting power of the network was in line with News Feed and far better than display networks."

Fiksu's research shows the engagement power of the Facebook Audience Network in attracting loyal, high-quality users despite higher CPIs than traditional Facebook News Feed ads. Key data points from the investigative report include:

  • High number of returning users: 25 percent higher than display and just 5 percent lower than Facebook News Feed.
  • Drastically lower cost per purchasing user: while Facebook News Feed drove the lowest cost per purchaser, Facebook Audience Network was only one fifth of the cost of its display counterpart.
  • Increased revenue per purchasing user: the data shows revenue per purchasing user of $3.64 on Audience Network, and only $0.15 on display traffic, presenting marketers with a whopping 24x increase in revenue potential. News Feed revenue was also strong in comparison to display, at $1.63, but didn't match the surprising Audience Network results. These results highlight the value of the loyal, high-quality users that can be found on the Facebook Audience Network.
  • Stellar conversion rate: while click through rates were consistently lower on Audience Network, the conversion rate was nearly 10 percent higher than News Feed and 25 percent higher than display. This demonstrates the power of Audience Network's targeting capabilities, as the users who did click had a much higher propensity to be the right users.

"The research proves that the latest addition to Facebook's mobile app ads, Audience Network, can be successful across a range of apps, thanks to the comprehensive tools they provide for segmentation and targeting," said Craig Palli, chief strategy officer, Fiksu. "As our report indicates, it makes sense for marketers to spend more per click on Facebook properties since the ROI will be significantly better due to value of that segmentation, context and timing."

Fiksu was one of the first mobile advertising platforms to support Facebook mobile app install ad optimization and combine centralized media purchasing and optimization with the expansive audience Facebook delivers. Fiksu's core strengths and highly scalable, real-time infrastructure, combined with Facebook's extraordinary reach and rich audience data, enables mobile app marketers to acquire large volumes of loyal users -- those that take the actions that drive the ultimate success of any app -- through the most focused, cost-efficient media buys available. 

Interested in learning more? The full report is available for download here:

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