PHOENIX, Ariz., Dec. 19, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - Walter Halicki, CEO of Phoenix reputation management firm Reputation Maxx shares why online business reputation management is so essential.

"The majority of your target customers are looking for you online, and the image of you that Google presents will be the impression that lasts with these customers. If you are not diligently pursuing a strong online reputation, you are losing business."

In the new year, there are a number of things that a company can do to help boost its online standing, and to help them get 2015 off on a good foot, Reputation Maxx suggests some simple business reputation management techniques.

1. Commit to customer service: Great online reputation starts at the source. Companies cannot have a positive reputation if they are not giving the customer their best. One of the most essential business reputation management techniques is going the extra mile for their clients. Ensure that every staff member takes pride in his or her job and is fully committed to offering an amazing customer experience. Additionally, ensure that managers are interacting with customers and actively showing interest in the needs of the clients. This shows that a company cares and will led to better reviews and buzz about the brand, which can do wonders for their online landscape.

2. Engage: The Internet makes it easier than ever for companies to engage with their clients, guests, and customers. When companies utilize social media, or other techniques to engage with clients on a more personal level, it creates an atmosphere where the client knows that they can depend on the brand. Communication is easier, and problems and questions can be addressed immediately. Additionally, brands can increase their positive feedback when they are actively following up with their customers and thanking those who leave positive feedback for the company.

3. Be diligent and consistent: One of the biggest things to keep in mind when it comes to business reputation management is that looking great online is a long process. Whether a company is recovering from an attack, a previous negative reputation or it is new and trying to establish a name for itself online, it must be committed to the process. A stellar online reputation does not appear overnight, but instead takes a number of tools, a lot of commitment, and in many instances the help of an expert. Though it may take time, commitment to looking better online will get the company to where it wants to be, so diligence is key in the New Year.

For companies who want shining reputations in 2015, these tips can help them accomplish their goals. However, if they feel like they need an expert who can meet their online reputation needs while they focus on their own business, they can always call on Reputation Maxx. Visit for more information.

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