PHOENIX, Ariz., Dec. 19, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - With the New Year approaching, the experts at Phoenix reputation management firm Reputation Maxx know that it is important for companies of all sizes to be making efforts to improve their online standing. Whether a new business needs some promotion or an existing brand feels that they need a boost to stand out against their competitors, they need to be practicing good habits online. When it comes to online reputation management, reviews are essential, and so is interacting correctly with those who leave them. In 2015, companies should consider the best methods for gaining new reviews, making the most of reviews as they come, and even responding to negative reviews.

1. Gain new reviews: When it comes to online reputation management, reviews from happy customers are essential. Positive reviews will show potential customers how the business can help them and will also establish the brand as one that can be trusted by others. Many companies wonder how to gain new reviews, but there is really no secret. Good reviews are gained by providing excellent service and paying careful attention to the needs of the customers. Following up with customer is also a great way to show them that they matter, and when they are really satisfied with a product or service, it never hurts to ask them kindly for a review.

2. Make reviews count: Once a company sees great responses coming in they need to make the most of them. One of the online reputation management reviews best practices is responding to positive reviews when they are offered. This, like a follow up, shows that the company really appreciates the customer, and the time that it takes to thank a reviewer for their recommendation is more than worth it. Not only does it show others that the company cares but it also encourages the reviewer to further brag about the company to their friends and family.

3. Don't fall to flamers: Even the best companies will encounter attacks online and that may come in the form of a negative online review. When it comes to online reputation management review techniques, negative reviews should be handled with extra care. Never respond to one of these reviewers with anger or with name calling. This will harm the brand more than it will help it. Instead, negative reviewers should be referred to with tact. If the review is pure fiction, the brand can calmly point out that there is no reason for the review, but in any case they should offer concern and a means to resolve any relevant issue at hand. If the reviewer is actually a customer in need, this may actually end well for both parties.

In 2015, companies should be sure that they are going the extra mile to help their company succeed, and making sure that they are making the most of reviews can get them off to a great start. To utilize more strategies for building and maintaining a great reputation, visit

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