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TREWGrip Returns to International CES 2015 to Unveil First Production Unit

Rear-Type Handheld Keyboard and Air Mouse Adds Gaming Controls Among Other Enhancements

CINCINNATI, OH and LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Jan 5, 2015) - TREWGrip will unveil a first article sample of its rear-type handheld keyboard, air mouse and game controller at International CES 2015 in Las Vegas January 6-9, 2015 at the Sands Hotel and Casino. TREWGrip introduced a prototype of the TREWGrip Mobile Dock at International CES 2014, and is now preparing for production in the spring of 2015. TREWGrip is exhibiting as part of Eureka Park in the Sands Expo at booth #75562. The company is also participating in Showstoppers @ CES 2015 at The Wynn on Tuesday, January 6, 2015.

Since January 2014, the company has continued to enhance TREWGrip, making the device more comfortable for users with new handgrip design and materials, improving the mouse controls and adding new gaming keys and functions. There are battery level and Bluetooth pairing indicators on the front side, and the Mobile Dock can now pair with up to three devices. The TREWGrip Mobile Dock also includes gaming capabilities that allow people to interact and control game movement by simply tilting and turning the unit.

"The overall reaction at CES in 2014 was truly remarkable, and it motivated our team to push forward with development and production," said Mark Parker, President of TREWGrip. "We took the feedback from CES, both positive and negative, and refined our technology to optimize its performance and make it feel more comfortable in users' hands. The resulting product is a leap forward from our last prototype, and we are excited to get it into the hands of CES attendees and customers."

TREWGrip is patent-pending technology for today's mobile devices, smart TVs and desktop computers. The Mobile Dock connects to any Bluetooth HID-enabled technology. Users can dock their smartphones and mini tablets for more productive two-hand text entry, and replace their current computer keyboards and mice with an integrated, ergonomic TREWGrip. The device can also connect to Smart TVs allowing users to quickly navigate on-screen menus, enter text and play games.

Parker added, "Inherent in TREWGrip is mobile productivity. Many of the keyboards marketed as mobile are really portable solutions. While they can be attached to mobile devices and carried from place to place, they still require a flat, stationary surface to be used effectively. The TREWGrip Mobile Dock can be used anywhere, whether in the office, in the field or standing in a classroom, allowing users to be productive everywhere."

The TREWGrip Mobile Dock features a full, tactile QWERTY key layout that is split and rotated so the hands gripping TREWGrip can also perform 10-finger text entry. By maintaining the QWERTY key layout, users can quickly transfer competencies from a traditional keyboard to TREWGrip without having to learn an entirely new skill. While the keys are on the back of the device, there are visual cues on the front, as well as mouse buttons, function keys and gaming controls.

Parker is presenting as part of a panel discussion on January 5, 2015 from 10:15-11:15 a.m. The presentation, "From Startup to CE Sensation," will take place in the Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall, Room N261.

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TREWGrip is a start-up company focused on developing mobile solutions that change how people interact with their technology. The company's first product is the TREWGrip Mobile Dock, a patent-pending technology for today's mobile devices, smart TVs and desktop computers. TREWGrip is based in based in Cincinnati, Ohio. For more details, please visit

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