Vinfen Partners With Wellframe to Deliver Mobile-Enabled Support to Adolescents and Adults With Emotional or Behavioral Challenges

Leading Community-Based Service Provider to Deliver Evidence-Based Programs Through Wellframe's Intelligent Care Management Platform

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - February 02, 2015) - Wellframe, a Boston-based company that enables health plans and providers to better manage risk and amplify existing support resources, announced today that Vinfen has rolled-out Wellframe's Intelligent Care Management Platform. Vinfen is a premier provider of community based services for adolescents and adults with psychiatric conditions, intellectual and developmental disabilities, brain injuries, and behavioral health challenges. Through Wellframe's platform, Vinfen provides mobile-enabled support to people they serve, while also delivering evidence-based programs in behavioral health recovery, supported living, rehabilitation, education, employment, clinical, and peer support. 

Wellframe's clinical team collaborated with Vinfen's staff to identify best practices and develop a customized program specifically for the people Vinfen serves. This included building a customized daily health checklist that guides people through day-to-day activities, along with customized multimedia content. Wellframe's Intelligent Care Engine delivers these via mobile phones. Additionally, through Wellframe's platform, people Vinfen serves can message with Vinfen staff, who provide them with guidance and support to help them manage their conditions. People can also access vital educational multimedia content, which is customized based on each person's individual needs through their mobile phone.

Using Wellframe's Intelligent Care Management Platform, Vinfen is able to extend and amplify the reach of their organization's staff, allowing them to reach more people with more continuous support. By facilitating more frequent interactions, Wellframe's platform enables staff to form stronger relationships with the people they serve, thereby providing a higher level of support.

"Wellframe is helping us improve the capacity of our existing staff to reach more people more often. For the young people we serve, this allows Vinfen to provide more responsive support and to engage them in their own self-management, helping them to achieve their goals of leading more independent, productive, and valued lives as members of their community," said Vinfen President and Chief Executive Officer Bruce Bird. "We're very excited to be embarking on this partnership with Wellframe."

"Vinfen is taking a unique approach to helping people with disabilities by providing them with the resources they need to recover, including a supportive relationship," said Trishan Panch, Wellframe Chief Medical Officer. "We're very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Vinfen to enable staff better connect with the people they serve and help people get the support they need."

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Wellframe is a Boston-based Health Technology company that enables risk-bearing entities to better understand and proactively manage risk. Wellframe partners with leading healthcare delivery organizations and health plans to extend the reach of care management services to support patients toward improved experience, care plan adherence and health outcomes. Wellframe's team is comprised of world-class engineers, data scientists and clinicians focused on reorganizing healthcare resources around needs of patients.

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Established in 1977, Vinfen is a nonprofit health and human services organization and a leading mental health provider. Vinfen offers an array of services to adolescents and adults with psychiatric, developmental, and behavioral disabilities. Vinfen's 2,300 dedicated employees provide educational, rehabilitative, and clinical services in more than 200 programs throughout eastern Massachusetts and Connecticut.

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