HUNTERSVILLE, N.C., Feb. 3, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With 2015 promising to be another big year for clean energy initiatives, DCE Solar recently published their comprehensive guide to successful installation of solar arrays across a variety of ground and soil types. The announcement comes just days after President Obama's State of the Union Address in which he stated, "Every three weeks, we bring online as much solar power as we did in all of 2008." This rapid growth and expansion of the market will most certainly require additional qualified installers and experienced contractors to fully realize the promise of solar power. As one of the most respected manufacturers of racking equipment in the industry, DCE Solar recognized a tremendous need and opportunity.

"Solar energy will only continue to prosper when it performs to expectations," explains Bill Taylor, CEO for DCE Solar. "While it's grown considerably in recent years, clean energy is still a young field. We don't want to give people unnecessary reasons not to adopt the technology. Our new Implementation Library is meant to establish benchmark guidelines the entire industry can follow for successful installation – whether they're using our products or not."

The first publication in the library is the company's guide to ground-mounted arrays, which covers various considerations and scenarios involving different soil types. The aim of the piece is to help contractors and others who are newcomers to the industry reap the maximum profitability and client satisfaction with this new line of business. In doing so, DCE Solar is also hoping to establish quality controls and procedures that benefit the industry through self regulation and a best-practices approach. "Free flow of information is the most effective way to get all stakeholders in clean energy on the same page," Taylor continues. "DCE Solar is in a unique position to be out in front of the industry, which, in our opinion, makes it somewhat our responsibility to lead this initiative. It's something we're proud to do."

Those wishing to download the complimentary report can access it at or request a PDF copy through To subscribe to receive further Implementation Library publications as they become available, please fill out the form at More information about DCE Solar, its products, and its approach can be found at the brand's new website:

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