HOUSTON, Feb. 11, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Responding to the most recent measles outbreak and the ongoing debate surrounding compulsory vaccination, PublicHealth.org has released a comprehensive guide challenging the anti-vaccination movement. In 2000, the CDC declared that measles had been eradicated from the United States thanks to the success of the MMR vaccine. In recent months, however, we've seen a re-emergence of this serious disease with over 100 cases confirmed so far in 2015. This is a frightening reminder that combating misinformation and educating people on the safety and efficacy of vaccines is critical to public health.

Through its Public Awareness Campaign, PublicHealth.org takes on the fear-based rhetoric behind declining vaccination rates. Opening with the animated short, "Vaccines Save Lives!" the guide is an easily accessible, science-based overview of the issue. The video is followed by a five-part survey, including the sections, How Vaccines Work and Vaccine Myths Debunked.
"We're challenging the hysteria surrounding vaccines and making the case for trusting the science," said site manager, Stephanie Snider. She continued, "Vaccines save lives. Period. There is no debate."

Vaccination rates are down and preventable diseases are on the rise thanks to the frenzied spread of misinformation by a vocal minority. PublicHealth.org seeks to engage the public in its efforts to educate a broader audience through its vaccine awareness campaign - a welcome and level rebuttal to the anti-vaccination stance.

PublicHealth.org's video, "Vaccines Save Lives!" and supporting guide can be found here: http://www.publichealth.org/public-awareness/understanding-vaccines/

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Stephanie Snider