Shields Pharmacy Services Partners With Wellframe to Extend the Reach of Medication Liaisons and Improve Medication Adherence Among Specialty Pharmacy Patients

Leading Specialty Pharmacy Service Provider Implements Intelligent Care Management Platform to More Effectively Deliver Care and Engage Patients Through Innovative Mobile Technology

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - March 16, 2015) - Wellframe, a Boston-based company that enables health plans and providers to better manage risk and amplify existing support resources, announced today that the organization is partnering with Shields Pharmacy Services to extend the reach of Shields Medication Management Liaisons in order to promote patient engagement, medication adherence and relationship management. Shields Pharmacy Services, a specialty pharmacy service provider that works directly with health systems to improve patient experience and enhance medication adherence for patients on specialty therapeutics, will be rolling out the Wellframe Intelligent Care Management Platform to Shields Pharmacy Liaisons at multiple health system partners, and will be expanding across sites throughout 2015.

Wellframe's Care Management Platform enables Shields' liaisons to more efficiently reach more patients through an application on the patient's mobile phone. Concurrently, the Wellframe platform's capabilities help to facilitate more meaningful interactions by capturing additional data that provides dynamic insight into the needs of each individual patient. Shields will utilize the Wellframe solution set to improve operational efficiency by implementing a more effective and scalable approach to patient services, communication, support and engagement, thereby enabling the organization provide additional value to health system partners and to improve patient outcomes.

"It's becoming very clear that the traditional telephone-based channels that we've relied on in the past for patient engagement are becoming less and less effective," said Tom Guilfoile, President of Shields. "At the same time, as consumer adoption of mobile technology continues to grow, there is an increased expectation from patients for more convenient, asynchronous communication with any of their healthcare providers, including Shields' liaisons. Wellframe helps us bridge that gap and enables us to provide a superior level of care for our partners' patient populations."

Through the Wellframe Clinical Dashboard, liaisons are alerted to potential issues patients might be experiencing, including missed doses of medications. Through these intelligent alerts, liaisons can easily determine where their resources can achieve the greatest impact and extend their reach to patients who may not have been engaged previously.

"Shields Pharmacy Services is at the cutting edge of patient care, and, as an organization, is committed to providing top-quality service to patients," said Jacob Sattelmair, Wellframe CEO. "We are thrilled to have this opportunity to help extend the Shields Pharmacy Liaisons' reach to patients and to help them provide a superior level care."

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About Wellframe

Wellframe is a Boston-based Health Technology company that enables risk-bearing entities to better understand and proactively manage risk. Wellframe partners with leading health plans, providers and other healthcare stakeholders to extend the reach of care management services to support patients toward improved experience, care plan adherence and health outcomes. Wellframe's team is comprised of world class engineers, data scientists and clinicians focused on reorganizing healthcare resources around needs of patients.

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About Shields Pharmacy Services

Shields Pharmacy Services provides hospital's chronically ill patients better patient management to optimize therapeutic outcomes by delivering a customized, comprehensive and coordinated care plan for each specialty patient. Shields' high-touch model utilizes a team of pharmacists, pharmacy-technicians and disease-specific liaisons on the front-end in combination with a fully-staffed Patient Support Center (including insurance administrators, financial counselors and in-bound/outbound call center) on the back-end to provide an unparalleled level of service. Using mobile technologies and advanced data analytics to monitor, track and measure the business in real-time, Shields provides clinicians with a completely integrated continuum of care to drive better patient outcomes, lower readmission rates and higher patient satisfaction all while increasing revenues and decreasing costs.

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