WAYNE, Pa., March 19, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Big global challenges will only be solved by a transformative new approach according to Geneva Global CEO, Doug Balfour, in his new book Doing Good Great: An Insider's Guide to Getting the Most out of Your Philanthropic Journey.

Balfour started his career in business and management consulting, then went on to spend over 25 years working in the international development, nonprofit, and philanthropic sectors. This duel perspective has led him to advocate that philanthropists need to bring more business-like principles to the way they give in order to see lasting social change.

"So much money goes into philanthropy, and yet much of it doesn't bring about meaningful social change," says Balfour. "I've seen so many projects that deliver mediocre results that I wanted to share some of the strategies I've seen and applied that can take a good program and make it great."

Additionally, Balfour sees this as an urgent time for the philanthropic sector to analyze what strategies generate the best results. The upcoming wealth transfer from baby boomers to the next generation will be the biggest ever, which means more money will be directed towards charitable efforts. Additionally, millennials are seeking and experimenting with new models to bring about social change.

"We're seeing a shift where the most innovative and effective philanthropy is coming from private donors," says Balfour. "These are people and organizations that—if they see that their dollars are making a tangible and sustained difference—have the potential to direct immense resources to solving complex world problems. My goal with this book is to help philanthropists think about how they can approach their work in a way that brings about transformative results."

Doing Good Great begins with Balfour's personal journey into philanthropy and international development and then lays out eight essential pillars that form the basis of purposeful, effective philanthropy. Among the eight pillars:

  • Investment Thinking. Most donors don't analyze their giving the way they analyze their investments. They can achieve better outcomes if they bring head and heart together.
  • Methodical Measuring. Donors need to ask hard questions from nonprofits and evaluate results, not activities. Donors are then better equipped to know where and how their money can be most effective.
  • Local Implementing. With a few exceptions, the most effective development work is done by organizations that are rooted and established in the communities they are serving. It takes more work for donors to find and vet these grassroots, community-based groups, but the results are worth it.
  • Active Collaborating. It's possible to set and achieve bigger goals when nonprofits and donors collaborate—between each other and among themselves.
    Among the reviews the book received, the former president of the Republic of Ghana, John A. Kufour, says, "It is my great hope that this book is not only read, but that its ideas are applied, resulting in a global collaborative effort that produces sustainable change."

The book is available in paperback and electronic versions from Amazon. For more information visit www.doinggoodgreat.com. Follow the conversation on Twitter using #DoingGoodGreat.

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