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Ninja Metrics Unveils World's Most Advanced Analytics Platform for Entertainment

The Platform Measures Viewers' Social Influence in a Dollar Amount to Find the Most Valuable Viewers and Predict Viewer Spending Habits

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Apr 14, 2015) - From the creators of Katana®, the world leader in social value analytics for gaming, comes Katana® for Entertainment, the next-generation analytics system for streaming media and music. Katana® for Entertainment is the latest advanced predictive social analytics platform from Ninja Metrics (, a researched-based analytics firm founded by a team of PhD scholars and interactive media veterans.

Katana® for Entertainment identifies which content brings in the most valuable users, which advertisements have the greatest ROI based on social interaction, and more. With the insights provided by Katana® for Entertainment, streaming media companies see which viewers are causing their friends to watch -- and which shows are catering to the most valuable viewers. Armed with this information, companies can confidently implement pricing changes, ad placements, targeted marketing campaigns, and more knowing which viewers' revenues will have a multiplying impact on their friends.

Here's how it works: As users interact online, they form complex webs of social connections based on influence. Social Value®, developed by Ninja Metrics, measures these social connections and calculates viewer value in a dollar amount based on influence. Katana for Entertainment shows streaming companies their Social Whales®, the most influential viewers, and targets them accordingly based on their predicted spend and churn rates.

This new technology combines information from Ninja Metrics' Social Value® with its True Ad Value™ measurement, which revolutionizes the advertising industry through evaluating ad ROI based on Social Value® in addition to traditional CPI and LTV metrics. Katana® for Entertainment helps streaming and interactive media companies optimize monetization by acquiring more valuable users, reducing churn among Social Whales® and increasing conversion rates.

"After much success in the online gaming industry, we are thrilled to unveil Katana® for Entertainment, researched and designed specifically for interactive entertainment and online streaming platforms," said Dr. Dmitri Williams, CEO and co-founder of Ninja Metrics. "Based on years of research, we know that social plays a key role in how people watch shows and movies, but it has previously gone unmeasured in the industry. Ninja Metrics and Katana® for Entertainment are changing the way ROI is measured in the streaming industry, and we are excited to show these new features to the broadcasting world at NAB."

Katana® for Entertainment is powered by the same cutting-edge technology that fuels Ninja's Katana® Analytics Engine. Katana® is used by video game developers around the world to predict their players' in-game spending based on Social Value®. to measure and track its users Social Value®, which quantifies users' social influence in a dollar amount.

Key Features of Katana® for Entertainment:

  • Discover clear insights into the performance of ad publishers
  • Know which ads are truly driving revenue
  • Uncover how much customers will likely spend and how their social influence impacts the bottom line
  • Target the most influential, influenceable and valuable users
  • Flexible dashboard that includes support for: segmentation, cohort analysis, churn projections, conversion rate, revenue analysis, and comprehensive KPI tracking
  • Easy integration through a REST-based API supporting iOS/Android, JavaScript, PHP, Java/C#, C++ and Flash

Ninja Metrics is currently exhibiting Katana® for Entertainment streaming capabilities at NAB. For more information, please visit

About Ninja Metrics
Ninja Metrics is the creator of Social Value®, a precise measurement of how users influence each other and how much that influence is worth. Ninja Metrics' key offering, The Katana® Analytics Engine uses predictive analytics and automated social graph analysis to help companies acquire, understand, monetize and keep their most valuable, influenceable and influential customers. For more information on Ninja Metrics, please visit

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