MEMPHIS, TN--(Marketwired - April 21, 2015) - Pollen is plentiful this time of year and it is the cause of suffering for an estimated 50 million Americans who have allergies. Unfortunately, you can't simply stay indoors to avoid sneezing and itchy eyes -- because indoor dust is also a serious allergen. But you can reduce your exposure to it with some expert home cleaning advice.

Merry Maids, one of the nation's leading home cleaning services, and a business unit of ServiceMaster Global Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SERV), has five important tips for allergy sufferers to help reduce dust, which in many people causes inflammation of the nasal membranes characterized by itchy nose and eyes, congestion and sneezing.

"Dust is a big culprit for lots of people with allergies," explained cleaning expert Debra Johnson of Merry Maids. "Unfortunately, the way most people deal with dust only stirs it up and makes it more of a problem. The trick is to trap dust and remove it, and we have some tips to help people do that."

Here are Merry Maids top five spring-cleaning tips for alleviating dust and reducing allergy symptoms:

  1. Microfiber!  

Rather than grabbing a rag and a bottle of cleaner, grab a microfiber cloth for your dusting duties. Microfiber cloths live up to their name; every fiber is split eight times or more, meaning that the fibers are smaller (or "micro") and able to reach cracks and crevasses that a typical cloth or paper towel could not. 

Microfiber also does a great job of grabbing dust and dirt, meaning that particles don't end up back in the air, which can be problematic for allergy sufferers.

Don't forget: When dusting with microfiber be sure to dust past the end of a surface. If the cloth stops on the edge of the surface, a line of dust will be left.

  1. Clean glass surfaces with microfiber or microfiber and water only

If a dry microfiber doesn't get the job done, try using microfiber dampened with water (and only water) to clean down glass surfaces. This reduces the number of chemicals you'll have in your home and keep all the dust and dirt in your microfiber, not your nose.

  1. Take the vacuum outside

Allergy sufferers should make sure their vacuum uses a high efficient particulate air (HEPA) filter. These filters are better at capturing (and keeping) dust particles. The key? When you change the filter every six months, take it outside. Otherwise, you'll release dust back into your home.

  1. Look down, not up

Floors are a top offender for allergy sufferers, since we track dust and dirt in our shoes. So leave your shoes at the front door and invest in a walk-off mat that allows you to take four-to-seven steps before your foot touches the bare floor. 

In the height of allergy season, you should vacuum (not sweep) your floors at least twice a week. 

  1. Keep it clean in the shower

After showering, wipe down shower walls and floors with your trusty microfiber cloth. This helps eliminate moisture (and reduce the chance of mildew) in the bathroom. Last but not least, leave the door open or shower curtain pulled back when finished to allow air flow in the shower. 

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