SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 23, 2015) - When you enter a room full of small business owners and ask who likes to do their business accounting, how many hands go up? Probably zero. At the same time, they must stay on top of their cash-flow, margins, sales results or inventory levels. A new, designed-for-mobile app for small business called ONE UP, launching today, solves these problems. ONE UP eliminates the tedious accounting that takes hours and reduces it to a couple of minutes a month. It automatically synchronizes with your banks and provides suggested entries that can be validated with one click. In addition to the "hands-free" accounting, the ONE UP suite includes automatic inventory, CRM and invoicing.

"It's as if you had a CPA on your shoulder. ONE UP is the killer app providing automatic bookkeeping to small businesses worldwide," said Francois Nadal, CEO, ONE UP. "ONE UP gives you your free time back because you get what matters to run your business -- cash flow, profit, loss -- quickly and without the hard work. After just three months, most of your data entry is eliminated as the app learns about your business."

ONE UP is designed to make routine tasks automatic for small businesses ranging from solo business owners up to 20 people. With ONE UP INVENTORY, the app synchronizes with the Point of Sale (POS), for example, so all that is left is to validate the suggested orders to vendors and stock is replenished with one click. The inventory information will also be updated automatically in Square and other partners, keeping all the information needed to fulfill sales orders current.

Written for business people on the go, ONE UP was developed for mobile first, so users can run and manage all key aspects of their businesses from anywhere -- a sales rep on the road or remote storage location, for example. "We have been working with ONE UP for months and it is the most convenient and reliable way for me to run my business -- all the time -- wherever I am. With the automatic accounting and inventory, I am able to get all those chores done in an instant. It saves a tremendous amount of time and headaches," said Kawsar Ali, Owner, Koawshi Trade Point.

Other features:

ONE UP Inventory

  • generates packing lists or delivery notes from sales orders so you can deliver to your customer faster and updates the status of orders
  • provides control of all products even at multiple locations and posts all inventory movements into ONE UP Accounting

ONE UP Accounting

  • allows your accountant to log in remotely to audit your books or export your financial records to their location


  • tracks your chats, calls and tasks; helps organize your time with opportunities and leads; personalizes quotes with a custom template sent right from the app; and turns a quote instantly into an invoice or sales order

Pricing and Availability

ONE UP prices start at $9 per month for one user. Sign-up for ONE UP 30 days free trial at

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About ONE UP

ONE UP has clients in over 50 countries, and its software is used by 300,000 small business users It is a ground breaking innovative company that aims to democratize business management to the 500M small business worldwide. The new ONE UP app is based on the highly successful business suite and is the result of four years of development and empathetic listening to our small business clients. ONE UP is recognized as a major partner with Google Apps and Square. For more information, visit www.ONEUP.COM

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