CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - April 23, 2015) - Marketing experts at Brandmuscle are using the latest digital marketing technology to reexamine an age-old question in the beverage alcohol industry: How do beverage suppliers navigate three tiers of regulations to get their message to consumers?

During roundtable conversations at the eBev Shopper conference May 5 -7 in Phoenix, experts from Brandmuscle will challenge marketers from the beverage and alcohol industry to think beyond business-to-consumer marketing and explore how digital business-to-business tactics can reinforce their branding and drive demand throughout the three-tiered beverage distribution network.

Brandmuscle will host two roundtables at eBev -- one at 4:50 p.m., Tues., May 5 and the second at 2:40 p.m., Wed., May 6 -- titled, "Beyond B2C - Generating demand for beverage alcohol brands with digital B2B tactics." The sessions will include discussions about marketing strategies that give suppliers more control of their branding while helping distributors look beyond major accounts and target retailers based on taste preferences and consumer demographics.

"New technology allows both suppliers and distributors to better target and localize their marketing efforts," said Chris Hesburgh, executive vice president of client service at Brandmuscle. "We can now reach consumers in a personalized way and deliver a consistent message across channels. Our industry is evolving, and eBev brings the key thought leaders to the table."

Brandmuscle's roundtable sessions will invite conversation and brainstorming about new opportunities for the beverage and alcohol industry to use digital marketing technology. Hesburgh and Chris McNamara, digital marketing manager, will share insights about recent digital implementations for Brandmuscle clients and ask attendees to consider the following:

  1. Beyond consumer promotions, what B2B channels are you using to influence demand?
  2. What is this the biggest challenge you face with customer-facing (distributor/retailer) digital content?
  3. What changes do you make to your messaging for on- and off-premise audiences?
  4. How do you tailor your marketing to target local tasting behaviors and specific demographics?
  5. How do you ensure your digital messaging is cohesive from supplier brand to consumer?

"We want to help suppliers and distributors identify new marketing opportunities," said Hesburgh. "While Brandmuscle's current products and services help our clients localize marketing efforts, we use eBev to help discover new opportunities for Brandmuscle to innovate on behalf of our clients."

Drawing from client case studies to facilitate the roundtables, Hesburgh and McNamara will show how Brandmuscle uses a variety of digital B2B tactics to bridge gaps between suppliers, distributors, on- and off-premise retailers and ultimately consumers when executing marketing campaigns.

"Our experience supporting both suppliers and distributors gives us unique insight into where beverage marketing falls flat or reaches the wrong audience," said Ray Trantina, Brandmuscle's executive vice president of distributor client service. "We help creative campaigns reach the right people at the right time to drive demand across the industry. We reach shoppers by reaching businesses first and we're excited to show eBev attendees how this approach can work for them."

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