SAN DIEGO, April 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In honor of Earth Day, iMatrix, a local provider of websites and online marketing solutions, gave back to the community by participating in the Lopez Canyon/Penasquitos Canyon Clean-Up Project, on Sunday, April 26, 2015.

As a local business, iMatrix is always looking for ways to enhance the company's community outreach efforts. The Lopez Canyon/Penasquitos Canyon Project provided the perfect opportunity to do just that.

In honor of this year's recent Earth Day, iMatrix participated in the Lopez Canyon/Penasquitos Canyon Project on April 26, 2015. Volunteers from iMatrix joined other local volunteers to pick up trash along the beautiful 6-mile-long trail that runs through the canyon, as well as remove non-native plants and cut back brush, which is a fire hazard.

James Maddalena, director of business operations for iMatrix, was enthusiastic about the opportunity to clean up Lopez Canyon/Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve for many reasons. One reason, in particular, was that the scenic area is in iMatrix's proverbial backyard.

"We are passionate about doing community outreach programs that improve the environment and create spaces where families and our pets can experience the beauty of San Diego. The most impactful thing I can do as a dad is to protect our parks, so my children can enjoy them with their children one day. I am extremely excited to work with a team of like-minded individuals working for the greater good," said James Maddalena.

About iMatrix

Founded in 2002, iMatrix provides small and medium businesses with online marketing solutions for every need and every budget. From mobile-friendly website design to advanced search engine optimization, iMatrix offers practice- and studio-based businesses a wide range of digital marketing tools and services. iMatrix is an Internet Brands company.

For more information about iMatrix, please contact James Maddalena, director of business operations, by calling 1-800-iMatrix (1-800-462-8749).