WASHINGTON, June 11, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GovLoop, the knowledge network for government, today announced its acquisition of TMGov, an association of over 100,000+ government talent management leaders, and its TMGovU online learning university. This acquisition will expand the scope, reach and learning material available through GovLoop Academy, GovLoop's recently launched, free, virtual training resource created specifically for government.

"There is a revolution going on in government learning," said Steve Ressler, President and Founder of GovLoop. "A new generation of government employees expects modern and compelling training options led by world class practitioners. We've started that journey with our launch of GovLoop Academy and in just one month thousands of government employees have taken one of the more than 25 courses we offer."

"We are thrilled to bring TMGov and TMGovU into the GovLoop family," said Allan Zeman, Founder and Chairman of TMGov. "We've always been impressed with GovLoop's passion for innovative learning and talent management approaches for managers and leaders -- we can't wait to see how GovLoop brings our resources to a grand scale."

The acquisition of TMGov expands GovLoop Academy's offerings to over 100 free courses geared towards public sector workers. The courses are currently available at http://tmgov.org/tmgovu and will be fully incorporated into http://academy.govloop.com by the end of the year.

About GovLoop

GovLoop's mission is to "connect government to improve government." We aim to inspire public-sector professionals by serving as the knowledge network for government. GovLoop connects more than 200,000 members, fostering cross-government collaboration, solving common problems and advancing government careers. GovLoop is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with a team of dedicated professionals who share a commitment to connect and improve government.  In 2015, GovLoop has expanded its training offerings with the launch of its online university GovLoop Academy and the growth of a learning division dedicated to creating great learning experiences directly with government agencies.

About TMGov

TMGovU is an online learning academy for government and the broader public sector. It is focused on providing the most current and relevant human capital and leadership courses available. TMGovU's mission is to serve federal, state and local government workers and leaders across the broader public sector in furthering their careers and learning. With budgets shrinking and the demands on government accelerating, we believe there is a need for world-class, free and low-cost learning options that can be accessed easily, from anywhere, and based on the schedules of our busy public servants.

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Steve Ressler, President and Founder of GovLoop
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