TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - June 19, 2015) - The quarterly rebalancing of the CSE Composite Index will result in the following changes, effective after the close on Friday, June 20, 2015.


ChitrChatr Communications Inc. CHA Technology
Abba Medix Group Inc. ABA Life Sciences
Targeted Microwave Solutions Inc. TMS Technology
Khot Infrastructure Holings Ltd. KOT Diversified Industries
MGX Minerals Inc. XMG Mining
Wildflower Marijuana Inc. SUN Life Sciences
Lexaria Corp. LXX Diversified Industries
Invictus MD Strategies Corp IMH Diversified Industries
THC Biomed Intl Ltd. THC Life Sciences
Corona Gold Corporation CRG Diversified Industries
Carl Capital Corp. CRL Diversified Industries
Global Hemp Group Inc. GHG Diversified Industries
Blackice Enterprise Risk Management Inc BIS Technology
Canadian Metals Inc CME Mining
Network Oncology Inc. NOI Life Sciences


Acana Capital Corp. APB Diversified
MicroCoal Technologies Inc. MTI Technology
ICTV Brands Inc. ITV Diversified Industries
European Metals Corp.. ECU Mining
Scavo Resource Corp. SCV Mining
Grenadier Resource Corp. GAD Mining
Enertopia Corp TOP Diversified Industries
Open Source Health Inc.. OSH Technology
CINS Holding Corp. CHD Technology
European Ferro Metals Ltd. EFM Mining
Mobi724 Global Solutions Inc. MOS Technology
Novo Resources Corp NVO Mining

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