ARLINGTON, Va., June 23, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DivvyCloud, a developer of software technology to automate and manage today’s multi-cloud infrastructure, has joined other tech start-up’s in the dynamic Rosslyn-to-Ballston Metro corridor in Northern Virginia.  The move provides space to grow as well as an attractive location for recruiting talent to the DivvyCloud team.

New Address:  1400 Key Blvd., Suite A-6, Arlington VA 22209

“We ultimately felt that Rosslyn was a perfect place to recruit talent and build a culture of technical innovation. The area offers hip, modern office spaces designed for the blossoming startup scene here in our Nation's capital,” shared Brian Johnson, CEO and co-founder of DivvyCloud.

DivvyCloud has also doubled its engineering staff in the last quarter, and plans to fill additional developer and marketing positions in the second half of the year. “We are seeing strong adoption of our technology by IT organizations large and small as they mature their cloud operations,” said Chris DeRamus, COO and co-founder of DivvyCloud, “and we are adding staff to meet growing demand.”

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About DivvyCloud

DivvyCloud software enables organizations to achieve their cloud computing goals by simplifying and automating the lifecycle management of IT resources across leading public/private cloud technologies.  DivvyCloud was founded by seasoned technologists who understand first hand what is necessary to succeed in today’s dynamic, multi-cloud world.  DivvyCloud delivers multi-cloud resource visibility, provisioning, automation, monitoring and migration capabilities to improve security, reduce costs, and maintain operational agility. 


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Peter Scott
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