Seattle, Washington, July 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VRstudios™ announced today that its entertainment and gaming division, VRcade®, has launched the world's first wireless, full-motion virtual reality system at Dave & Buster's flagship location in Milpitas, CA. 

The VRcade system utilizes a proprietary, hygienic, wireless head mounted display, a wireless VR pistol, and customized optical tracking technology to achieve perfect 1:1 control while eliminating simulation sickness. The new system allows anyone to step into a wide variety of experiences, from interactive films, games, and reality-bending scenarios, without the hindrance of cords, massive up-front costs, or complicated controllers.

The VRcade system employs several key technology differentiators when compared to in-home virtual reality.

●      Unlike wired alternatives, the wireless HMD allows for effortless freedom in VR as well as simultaneous multiplayer possibilities.

●      Customized optical tracking technology enables users to experience low latency, sub-millimeter accuracy, across large spaces.

●      New software and hardware can be deployed and integrated regularly, ensuring a consistent supply of new virtual reality content over time from VRcade and a variety of third-party developers.

"Since 2010, the goal of the VRcade has been to track 8 simultaneous players across 15,000 square feet," said Jamie Kelly, President. "This deployment is designed for a single player in a 225 square foot space with much larger, multi-player installations for sale and lease in the near future."

VRcade has launched the system with Time Zombies™, a zombie survival shooter, and Interstellar Marine's Bullseye, a target shooting range developed by Zero Point Software. This deployment is a pilot for out-of-home virtual reality. Data and feedback will be used to improve VRcade hardware and software over time.

"We are constantly seeking exciting partners with technology that could benefit our system," said Ivan Blaustein, Director of Product Integration. "Our custom headset is also in constant redesign with resolution, field of view, and ergonomics consistently improving as new tech becomes available."

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About VRcade: VRcade is the entertainment and gaming division of VRstudios. Formally incorporated in 2014, Seattle-based VRstudios provides full-motion, wireless, multi-user virtual reality platforms, as well as commercial VR solutions in architecture, interior design, aerospace and military applications.

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