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Don't Get Stung by the Last Days of Summer

What You Need to Know About Yellow Jacket Wasps During Their Peak Season

WESTWOOD, NJ--(Marketwired - Aug 27, 2015) - During the last days of summer yellow jackets will become a bigger problem than they have been the whole season. This may surprise most people, but yellow jackets are carnivores that feed off other garden insects and pests like caterpillars. During the end of the summer season their food supply shrinks and wasps will begin searching for food outside their normal diet of insects. This is when you'll find them interrupting your picnic or buzzing around your garbage cans.

While a nuisance, this behavior can be also very dangerous for homeowners. Late summer is when yellow jacket populations are at their highest. A technician from UltraPro Pest Protection lends some advice, "If you see a few [yellow jacket wasps] flying around your trash cans or backyard, there is a good possibility that there are hundreds or even thousands nesting near your home." Unlike bees, yellow jacket nests are not easy to see. Many hives are underground -- in holes burrowed by squirrels, chipmunks, and other animals. Some hives are made in the cracks of building and trees. These nests are not only difficult to spot, but also difficult to remove.

To top it all off, when compared to bees, other wasps, and even hornets, yellow jackets are the most aggressive of the bunch. Yellow jackets are known to be fierce defenders of their nest. Vibrations from a lawn mower can be enough to trigger an attack, and a single wasp can sting multiple times because they do not lose their stingers like bees do.

Know what they look like.

Yellow jacket wasps are black and yellow, with alternating stripes along their abdomen, and are often mistaken as bees. But unlike bees, yellow jackets lack the "fuzzy" body or hairy hind legs that honey bees have. They are usually about a half inch long, with distinctive markings and distinctive flight pattern (rapid, side-to-side movement) that a professional will be able to spot with ease.

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