ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 11, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the vast wealth of information available, there is little doubt that adding superfoods can help stave off disease and chronic health problems, but another question is often asked as well; "How can superfoods help me lose weight more effectively?"

By incorporating superfoods into the daily diet, one not only experiences health bonuses like strengthened bones, improved eyesight, sharper thinking and reduced chances of chronic illness, but superfoods can also help those trying to shed a few pounds do so more quickly.

For over a decade, Diet Doc has been incorporating superfoods into its comprehensive weight loss system, helping patients restore lost health, reduce effects of chronic diseases, and lose weight quickly and safely with time-tested techniques and prescription medication.

The Diet Doc weight loss system integrates superfoods like black beans, known for their high protein content, oats, a great way to fill up and stave off hunger, avocados for their healthy fats and protein, and salmon for healthy, low fat protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Many dieters are unaware of how to adequately incorporate superfoods for weight loss into their everyday eating habits. The Diet Doc system alleviates that responsibility by outlining the diet procedure and combining superfoods and other well-established diet foods with prescription weight loss medications under full doctor supervision.

For those eager to begin incorporating healthy superfoods into their diet to help lose weight faster, Diet Doc offers a full range of weight loss aids, including prescription medication and the extremely useful Diet Doc cookbook and workbook.

Many superfoods are not only healthy, but extremely diet friendly, and the Diet Doc comprehensive weight loss system will teach clients how to effectively incorporate superfoods into their diet plan.

Each patient, upon enrolling in the Diet Doc weight loss system, begins with a comprehensive workbook and a simple diet cookbook, providing a quick and easy resource for meal planning and diet adherence.

While the Diet Doc workbook completely outlines the weight loss protocol, it also includes three days of sample eating regimens to make dieting simpler, detailing a few great ways to eat throughout the day while still adhering to the Diet Doc weight loss system.

The cookbook has complete recipes that are each fully compliant with the Diet Doc weight loss system, including for those patients using hormone injections to boost weight loss.

Each patient, after a quick and easy online questionnaire and telephone consultation with a licensed Diet Doc doctor, can receive all available Diet Doc products, including hormone injections for weight loss, prescription weight loss aids including proprietary metabolism boosters, diet aids like MCT oil to boost diet efforts, and weight loss shakes and meal replacement bars for optimal health.

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Diet Doc Weight Loss is the nation's leader in medical weight loss offering a full line of prescription medication, doctor, nurse and nutritional coaching support. For over a decade, Diet Doc has produced a sophisticated, doctor designed weight loss program that addresses each individual specific health need to promote fast, safe and long term weight loss.

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