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Walker Sands, Ignite, Mortar and Mindshare Among Companies that have Launched Employee Advocacy Programs Using the VoiceStorm(TM) Platform

SAN BRUNO, Calif., Sept. 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dynamic Signal, a global leader in employee advocacy, announced today that it has rolled out its VoiceStorm™ platform to more than 20 agencies, including Y &R, Mindshare, Ignite Social Media, Mortar and Walker Sands Communications. The mobile-centric platform gives employees of these companies the power and control to easily share approved company and client news to their personal social media channels with just a few clicks – extending the content's reach and influence.

Dynamic Signal's platform tracks every time an employee shares a piece of content as well as the quality of the share and the size of the social communities receiving it. Early results have shown that employees of these 20+ agencies have shared content 44,818 times, generating 116,525 clicks, 34,613 reactions and earning more than 34.8 million potential impressions.

"Employees are generally proud of what they do, so if you can make it simple and fun to share relevant content, they'll do so," said Jim Tobin, president of Ignite Social Media. "We're an 8-year-old social agency and nothing has increased our employee social sharing more than Dynamic Signal."

"At the heart of our business, effective communication and storytelling tactics, Dynamic Signal turns all of our employees not just into advocates for our company, but into stronger support systems for our clients," said Noah Finn, Managing Partner / Head of Digital and Creative Services at Finn Partners.

As leaders in Employee Advocacy, Dynamic Signal allows companies to expand their social media strategy beyond corporate channels and a limited set of PR approved spokespeople to include their employees' authentic voice. By letting proud employees endorse their company conveniently through their own social media accounts, companies provide an outlet for employees to build their personal brands, thereby increasing company loyalty and pride of ownership. In turn, the platform also acts as an additional marketing channel that drives greater brand awareness, lead generation/conversion and revenue.

With strong early engagement numbers, many of these agencies are also partnering with Dynamic Signal to leverage this employee advocacy technology as a service to their clients. With the paid, earned, and owned media spaces continuing to overlap, Dynamic Signal's platform provides agency clients with a new approach to drive content consumption.

As the leaders in Employee Advocacy, our innovations become our clients' success – helping them in their first step on the path to digital business transformation," said Russ Fradin, Co-Founder and CEO, Dynamic Signal. "With 20 years of digital marketing expertise, hundreds of companies of all sizes have come to us to help launch, scale and measure their Employee Advocacy programs. And that allows them to extend their social media strategies for more impact."

Dynamic Signal's platform was designed with employees in mind. A combination of enterprise-grade technology that integrates with global business processes and an extremely easy to use employee experience coupled with an intuitive interface mean anyone can easily participate in the program. Plus, as a mobile-first application, companies get the convenience of anytime, anywhere mobile access.

About Dynamic Signal

Dynamic Signal redefines how companies communicate with the world in order to grow their businesses. Its proven employee advocacy platform lets employees receive and post company-approved content to their social networks, transforming them into experts, advocates and contributors. By extending their social media strategies, Dynamic Signal's clients ignite brand awareness, employee engagement and revenue.

With its founding team's 20 years of digital marketing expertise, hundreds of companies of all sizes trust Dynamic Signal to launch, scale and measure their Employee Advocacy programs. Founded in 2010, the company helps leading organizations, including IBM, Salesforce, GameStop, Domo, SurveyMonkey and Bloomberg. Dynamic Signal is based in San Francisco, California and has raised $43 million to date. For more information, please visit

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