HOUSTON, Sept. 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tech Allies Consulting, LLC, has developed with partner American Business Services, an SAP HANA Certified, bolt-on solution for the Oil and Gas / bulk commodity industries that reduces the rack, bulk and crude transaction billing process from days to real-time.

The solution is called Transaction Management Workbench (TMW). TMW is a one of a kind solution that provides real-time, two-way communication between terminals and your ERP / back-office systems. It is a “bolt-on” to your existing terminal automation system (TAS) and is compatible with most any ERP / back-office software.

TMW covers 80-90% of the Bill of Lading processes and eliminates many of the bottlenecks and discrepancies. The ability to process in real-time significantly reduces Days Sales Outstanding, enables tighter contractual compliance, and allows marketing/traders to exploit trading opportunities based on actual inventory positions.

In a typical Oil and Gas / bulk load transaction, the process can take anywhere between 24-36 hours. The terminal generates a Bill of Lading at the time the product is loaded on the carrier, this data is then stored at the terminal system for up to 36 hours before it is transmitted to the ERP / back-office for validation and invoicing.  

“This delay increases your risk, disrupts your supply chain, slows your AR billings and weakens your trading positions,” says Tech Allies’ VP of Services and Solutions Neel Woods. Woods is an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in SAP Oil and Gas solutions.

For more information regarding TMW or for a demonstration, contact Tech Allies Consulting below.

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Tech Allies Consulting is a certified SAP partner, with over 20 years of experience providing exemplary consulting services, solutions and resources to the Oil and Gas industry.


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American Business Services is an SAP software partner specializing in Terminal Automation software and hardware, rail solutions, freight processing and dispatching/planned orders for Oil and Gas companies.


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