OMAHA, NEB., Oct. 8, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Infogroup Data Licensing, the leading provider of SaaS local data platform, Data Axle®, and listing management solution, Bulk Update®, recently held two dedicated user conferences which showcased the company's testament to delivering more frequent updates, coverage and the highest data quality in real-time. The conferences hosted more than 60 clients from leading publishers, mapping, navigation, media companies and brand agencies at their corporate offices in Omaha, NE.

The Ninth Annual Infogroup Data Licensing User Conference featured several presentations, focusing on Infogroup best practices of combining offline and online data with signal strategies and human verifications.

"Infogroup is committed to providing our clients best-in-class data to help them achieve measureable results," said Michael Iaccarino, Chairman and CEO, Infogroup. "Consumers are requesting richer content when accessing business information via navigation devices, search engines and mobile apps. To meet this demand, Infogroup is investing in compiling enhanced content, such as images, social links, URLs, hours of operations and payments accepted. We were excited to have our clients come together to gain deeper insight into our unique capabilities."

Among many conference highlights, Matthew Higgins, Chief Technology Officer, Data Axle and Matt Graves, Chief Data Officer unveiled a demo of Infogroup's powerful data compilation capabilities, showcasing business openings, closings and updates to company information on a map of the U.S. in real-time.

Infogroup Data Licensing also recently held its first dedicated Listing Management Partner Conference, where they unveiled submission API enhancements, enabling clients to use Infogroup's API to programmatically submit their listings. During the conference, Matthew Higgins shared the Bulk Update platform roadmap, including a new Search API, which will allow customers to programmatically query the Infogroup business database in real-time.

"As local businesses are becoming more aware of the importance of accurate business information online, we are seeing a large increase in our merchant submissions," said Jeff Khadavi, President, Infogroup Data Licensing. "In response to this trend, we are continuing to take great strides investing in and innovating our Bulk Update listing management solution."

Among the most popular topics during the Listing Management Conference, Infogroup shared best practices for submitting listings, as well as how brands and agencies are now able to submit Canadian listings.

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Infogroup Data Licensing is the leader and trusted source in providing high-value business data for clients in the search, navigation, mobile application, marketing and analytics industries. We provide real-time data that is human-verified by over 25 million calls per year and is delivered through our proprietary technology, the Data Axle®. We also help our clients with compilation of custom datasets and data verification services.  For more information, please visit

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