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Helowin to Deliver 60 Lamp Post Banners to Commemorate the United Nations 70th Anniversary

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Oct 13, 2015) - On October 7th, the banners that highlight the 70th anniversary of the United Nations were put up around mid-town New York. The banners were provided by Helowin to help the United Nations in celebration of its 70th anniversary.

Leveraging its 80 million Chinese members, Helowin pledged 15 years of resources to the Internet Health Institute for global well-being in support of Sustainable Development Goal 3 (Good Health & Well Being). Helowin will provide information from its 1,000 clinics, 2,000 hospitals, 50,000 pharmacies and data from the millions of devices from its membership, clinics, hospitals and pharmacies, providing a commitment estimated ~$1.5 billion in market value over the 15 years.

The Helowin pledge is to personally touch 1 billion lives with health care by 2030. They seek to create an alternative health ecosystem online that meets the mobile, home, and hospital health care needs for a fraction of the current price.

Banners featuring the UN70 logo and the SDG3 icon will be featured on the lamp posts until November 5th. They are located on East 42nd to 47th streets between Lexington Avenue and 1st Avenue.

About Helowin:
Helowin is one of China's leading health organizations with funding and support from the government through the army and the Chinese academy of sciences; billions have been deployed throughout 22 provinces (25 of China's 31 provinces by Q4 of 2015).

Helowin's health database connects clinics from distant villages to hospitals in the towns and cities; doctors treat patients from a distance based on collected data from the wearable devices with prescribed medicine delivered by couriers. The IoT Helowin platform eases the patient-doctor interaction, helping those who had no prior access to hospitals now have a chance to be treated appropriately.

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