SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 29, 2015) - Social Intelligence, a next-generation provider of social media risk assessment tools and data for the insurance industry, announced today that MIT Professor, Alex "Sandy" Pentland, will be joining the company's advisory board to enhance ongoing efforts which seek to improve the way the insurance industry leverages social media for risk assessment.

"There is a tremendous amount of power in Big Data and social media, power that has yet to be fully utilized. Most companies have barely scratched the surface of online data's potential, which is why I am excited to begin work with Social Intelligence -- a company that has gone beyond that, and is ultimately giving the power back to the consumer," said Pentland of his new business relationship and advisory role with Social Intelligence. "It's important that companies like Social Intelligence exist -- it allows us to move forward in the creation of a digital society that works for consumers and businesses alike."

Social Intelligence's innovative Social Media Risk Scoring solution gives insurers the ability to price, underwrite, and process claims more effectively by using SaaS-based tools to harness the predictive qualities within social media and next-generation data. In addition to saving time and reducing external data costs for insurers, Social Intelligence stands out from traditional data providers in the insurance space by offering tools and technology that allow consumers to monetize their own data through better insurance rates. Individuals and companies alike can now turn a consistent demonstration of low-risk behavior via social media, wearables, or other Internet of Things (IoT) devices into a tangible monetary benefit.

In the five years since the inception of Social Intelligence, the company has worked closely with regulatory entities to ensure consumer protection, leading the industry in privacy standards, compliance, and best practices. The addition of Pentland as a board member and advisor will further enable this effort, as his expertise in harnessing Big Data for analysis complements his regulatory and privacy experience, and will help ensure that the utilization of non-traditional data sources throughout the insurance policy lifecycle will continue to be shaped by the best interests of the customer. Pentland's penchant for putting consumers in charge of their own data aligns with Social Intelligence's vision of allowing individuals to capitalize on this data, thereby creating a well-suited partnership as social data usage grows in the industry.

"Dr. Pentland's ideas about Big Data reflect those that drive Social Intelligence's innovative product set," said Max Drucker, CEO of Social Intelligence Corp. "As precedents continue to be set and the standards bar continues to rise, it's important that industry disruption is met with consumer benefit, and that's exactly what we're driving forward. It is an honor to be working with him."

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Social Intelligence is a new breed of data provider making publicly-available social data actionable via predictive scoring algorithms and SaaS-based search tools for insurance companies. By helping insurers capitalize on the explosion of social data as a resource for better insurance risk assessment, Social Intelligence is widely-recognized as the industry's de facto source for social media searches, insurance claims investigations, and making insurance relevant to a new generation of insurance consumer. With a dynamic group of more than 50 employees and quickly growing, our focus is on privacy, productivity, and community involvement above everything else. For more information, visit the Social Intelligence website at

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