HOUSTON, Nov. 12, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Smartvue® Corporation, the leading global cloud video surveillance company, was recognized by Security Technology Executive Magazine and Security Info Watch for its impressive collaborative project with Microsoft. This award was open to all industry vendors, solution providers, integrators, PE firms, consultants and end-users.

An appointed committee presented the award to Smartvue at the Secured Cities SIA Luncheon in Houston, TX. The panel of industry experts selected Smartvue for its implementation of software solutions with Microsoft in the enterprise sector. "The top projects our judges have chosen typify the diversity in technologies and applications that truly define partnerships and collaboration in the Enterprise, Transit, Critical Infrastructure and Public Safety sectors," said Steve Lasky, Editorial Director of Security Info Watch.
"We appreciate the recognition of our accomplishments with Microsoft and our flexible cloud solutions. It is the result of product feedback from our customers, as well as significant engineering and design efforts from our team," said Martin Renkis, Founder and CEO of Smartvue Corporation. "We are committed to providing the most innovative surveillance solutions."
The Smartvue IoTV platform makes video surveillance much more affordable by leveraging cloud technologies at every step of the business value-chain. Organizations, large and small, can benefit from this technology to manage loss prevention, security, and employee performance at locations worldwide. Smartvue software provides advanced tools, an open API, and powerful cloud applications that contribute to a versatile platform for integration.

About Smartvue Corporation
Smartvue Corporation's mission is to make the world a safer place with amazing surveillance technologies that are elegantly simple. Founded in 1998, Smartvue protects millions of people, places and assets worldwide every day. To learn more about Smartvue Corporation and its products, visit www.smartvue.com.

Daniel W. Knotts