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News highlights:

  • HomeGrid Forum adds a second Accredited Test House (ATH) to certify products
  • New appointment due to increasing demand for associated product testing
  • Allion Shenzhen will offer a comprehensive home test environment by the end of 2015
  • This new Accredited Test House will accelerate adoption of networking standard by Chinese manufacturers

HomeGrid Forum is announcing that Allion Labs in Shenzhen has been selected as an Accredited Test House (ATH) for products. With an ever-increasing demand for product testing, HomeGrid Forum is adding a second test lab.

In August 2014, Allion Labs in Nantou, Taiwan, was the first Asian test house to be selected as a HomeGrid Forum ATH, due to the long-term involvements of the facility in the efforts to bring both to crucial Asian markets and to the rest of the world. At the Taiwanese site, HomeGrid Forum recently held a Plugfest and Test event. The event, which took place from 2-4 November 2015, was open to all HomeGrid members and focused on presenting 'Allion Connected House' to manufacturers and chipset vendors. 

"Allion is excited to have another one of its testing facilities accredited by HomeGrid Forum. With facilities in Taiwan and China, we are committed to working with HomeGrid Forum to bring the revolutionary technology of to global markets." said Mark Lai, President of Allion China.

This testing facility allows manufacturers to examine product performance and usability from the end user perspective, giving a crucial insight to the effectiveness of technology for the home market. 

Allion Shenzhen is expected to offer a similar home test environment by the end of 2015.

"The work of Allion has been highly instrumental in developing as an international networking standard," said Donna Yasay, HomeGrid Forum President.

"Allion Labs has provided consulting services, certification testing, connected home applications as well as assisting in the certification of more than ten products. HomeGrid Forum therefore felt that appointing them as a second Accredited Testing House was thoroughly deserved."

With Test Houses now in both Taiwan and China, Allion Labs and HomeGrid Forum are reinforcing their commitment to the development of technology in Asia and worldwide.

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