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Colouring books are becoming the rage for adults of varying ages for various reasons. For some people it's nostalgic, for others colouring creates a sense of calm, complete with health benefits.

When longtime London Drugs merchandise buyer Kenny Vannucci heard of a couple of artists in Nelson B.C. starting a kickstarter campaign in the attempt to launch their own colouring book, Vannucci jumped on it. Not just because colouring was becoming cool and colouring book sales were on the rise, but because these artists hailed from his old stomping grounds, in the Kootenay's. The young couple, Witek and Carrie, sat down for coffee with Vannucci in Trail B.C. in late summer 2015 and immediately Vannucci recognized they were about to launch something special and different from what was currently available on the market.

"Witek and Carrie together with five other Canadian artists have created a colouring book that is bonafied British Columbia spectacular," says Vannucci. "I've seen the first print and I'm certain this is going to be successful. And it's not just beautiful B.C. and Canadian landscapes and wildlife they've captured, there are out-of-this world moon and space scenes, mushroom fields and all kinds of picturesque illustrations from deep within their imagination. The detail is exquisite and enticing."

Witek and Carrie who became recently engaged, worked for the past year to bring their colouring book dream to life. Now Legendary Landscapes will be sold in all 78 stores in one of Western Canada's most shopped, prominent retailers.

"We are extremely proud of the work in this book and the opportunity London Drugs has provided us," says Legendary Landscapes co-founder, Witek Radomski. "We know from testing with our coloring groups and our colouring community on Facebook that both colouring enthusiasts and adult first-timers will find enjoyment and solace within the pages of this book. They will create pieces they will keep private, and pieces they will proudly put on display."

Adult colouring supplies and colouring books continues to increase in sales at London Drugs. Legendary Landscapes joins a burgeoning display at London Drugs but it is the first Canadian-made colouring book on store shelves.

The health benefits of colouring are being shared widely and Legendary Landscapes co-founder Carrie Wong shares this first-hand.

"There have been times where I may have felt some anxiety and colouring has proven to be therapeutic," says Wong. "I think there is also huge benefit to people putting down their phones and devices and picking up a pencil crayon."

Legendary Landscapes is now available in all London Drugs stores and can be found online simply by searching Legendary Landscapes at

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