CARDIFF BY THE SEA, Calif., Dec. 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mobile Generated News® (MoGN), the first Crowd Sourcing Platform to share Video and Still Images of News, Entertainment, and Sporting Events with the Professional Media Industry, announces an exciting new App for Serestar Communications Corporation. Telemundo Utah is the primary Spanish language station in the Salt Lake City market. The Mobile Generated News® App allows Telemundo Utah to connect directly with their audience by asking viewers to share original videos and still images from their mobile devices that the Station can show on television, their web site and Social Media.

Viewers of Telemundo Utah become "Citizen Journalists" providing content such as Breaking News, hyper-local events and personal commentaries. Telemundo Utah will benefit by getting material on the air and on their website before the competition. They also have the ability to promote upcoming stories, share content, and create incentives for Citizen Journalists to submit their user generated content.

"This new MoGN custom branded App for Telemundo Utah is a great way for viewers to see their videos and still pictures on the station's multiple platforms," said Jeff Wald, Executive Director of Mobile Generated News®.

The APP is custom branded for Serestar's Telemundo Utah-10 and offered to Citizen Journalists (CJ's) in both Spanish and English. It will also have the interactive, MoGN CJ Alert feature. This will enable Serestar's Telemundo Utah to reach out to their MoGN Registered Users via a personal email and Push Alerts to notify them that News is breaking in their area. When a local user registers the APP they select the specific station to share their Mobile Generated News ® content.

About Serestar

Serestar Communications Corporation operates Spanish-language television and digital media outlets to inform and entertain Hispanic consumers throughout Salt Lake City, Utah, Sacramento, Stockton, and Modesto, California.

About MGN Online

Mobile Generated News(R) is a syndicated product from MGN Online ( America's premier resource for still and animated graphics, MGN Online has a wide-ranging client roster of affiliates extending across print, television, and online media. MGN Online serves Newspapers, TV News broadcasts, webcasts, web radio and other news and information services 24/7 through its innovative content creation, storage and distribution facilities. MGN Online is a division of Multimedia Graphic Network Inc., founded in 1982 and based in Cardiff by the Sea, California.

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