NEW YORK, Jan. 11, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tracx, the leading social business cloud, today announced the ability to provide new social analytics and other big data consumer analysis that will be useful to brand marketers, customer insight teams and other social marketers.

Tracx's new product offering will provide customers with direct access to a massive portion of previously unavailable anonymized and aggregated Facebook topic dData including demographic information, frequently talked about web sites and other information relevant to social marketers. This information is now available through Tracx's partnership with DataSift, the Human Data Intelligence provider.

With Tracx's new product release, businesses will be able to quickly and conveniently surface insights into specific activities, events, brand names and other subjects discussed by the 1.55 billion monthly active members on the world's largest social network. Facebook topic data offers text and content analysis, demographics, sentiment analysis, and engagement levels. Anonymized and aggregated Facebook topic data eliminates privacy concerns while also providing social marketing teams with access to valuable research information and other insights that are now available along with other key elements of Tracx's award winning social business cloud software.

.Drawing insights from across the world's largest social network will help marketers make more informed decisions and target niche segments with greater confidence levels.

"We're extremely excited to provide our clients with an even clearer perspective of what is truly being shared and expressed on Facebook," said Adi Kleiman, SVP of Product at Tracx. "This is a major step in being able to make meaningful business decisions based off of data from a social network that sees one billion daily active users."

"With Facebook topic data, DataSift empowers organizations to gain a greater understanding of what people are engaging around and sharing on Facebook in a privacy-safe way," said Tim Barker, CEO, DataSift. "I'm delighted that Tracx has joined our partner ecosystem in order to offer its clients insight into market and brand-specific intelligence on topics and content shared on the world's largest social platform."

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About Tracx

Tracx is the leading social business cloud empowering enterprises to build their brand, attract new customers, service existing ones and connect with other key audiences in the social-enabled world. The solution analyzes and refines mass amounts of geographic, demographic and psychographic data from across the social web to deliver deep insights into customers, competitors and influencers. It then makes those insights actionable through its contextually driven Social Recommendation Engine, enabling smarter interactions that deliver meaningful business results. The world's most respected and leading brands such as BMW, Kraft Foods, and Rolex rely on Tracx to identify and target audiences, improve planning, enhance monitoring and effectively engage consumers. Tracx is headquartered in New York City with offices in Tel Aviv and London. For more information, visit

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