NORCROSS, GA--(Marketwired - January 20, 2016) - Comverge, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based demand response and energy efficiency solutions for electric utilities, today announced that in 2015, it helped its utility clients avoid more than 30 gigawatt hours of energy use during their grids' most congested hours. To accomplish this, Comverge dispatched 9.4 million control events that automatically cycled off appliances to deliver on average a 35 percent reduction in energy use at residential and small to mid-sized business customers. To provide 30 gigawatt hours of energy to the grid, a coal-fired power plant would need to burn more than 22 million pounds of coal.

"As the number one ranked demand response provider, the scale at which Comverge delivers automated demand response capacity for electric utilities from their residential and small to mid-sized business customers is unmatched in our industry," said David Neal, Chief Operating Officer, Comverge. "Our performance in 2015 demonstrates the value we deliver by predictably and reliably reducing significant amounts of energy use at times when the grid is stressed and utilities and grid operators need the most relief. This not only helps maintain the reliability of the bulk electric grid, but also allows utilities and grid operators to avoid building expensive peaking infrastructure that might only be used a few hours a year."

While residential demand response has typically been utilized as an emergency resource, Comverge is now executing more control events as utilities have begun to better integrate demand response into their day-to-day operations. The rise of operational demand response can help utilities address critical emerging challenges, such as alleviating constrained load pockets and efficiently integrating distributed and variable energy resources. Because of its increased performance capabilities, operational demand response can also be used to more confidently forgo costly new infrastructure investments, or avoid expensive energy and capacity purchases on the open market.

At the core of Comverge solutions is IntelliSOURCE®, cloud-based software that gives utilities a single operational view into all of their demand response and energy efficiency programs and automates every phase of mass-market demand management programs.

About Comverge
Comverge is the industry's leading provider of integrated cloud-based demand response, energy efficiency and customer engagement solutions that enable electric utilities to ensure grid reliability, lower energy costs, meet regulatory demands and enhance the customer experience. Through its combination of software, hardware and services, Comverge helps utilities optimize every aspect of a demand management program, from participant recruitment and device installation to call center support, control events, and measurement and verification. Comverge has worked with hundreds of electric utilities to deploy nearly six million energy management devices and enroll more than 1.8 million residential customers into mass-market demand management programs. In July 2015, Navigant Research ranked Comverge the industry's number one demand response provider. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter at @Comverge.

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