SOLUTIONS 30 : Growth in full-year 2015 revenue: 12.2%



Organic growth essentially

 Marked increase in international business

I - 2015 business

SOLUTIONS 30 reports 2015 consolidated, unaudited revenue at €125.1 million, up 12.2% versus 2014. Growth was largely organic and points to the dynamic pace of business built up by the Group in both the domestic French and international markets. In the fourth quarter alone, revenue surged 13% to €34 million.

At 29.3% of the total, international revenue stood at €36.7 million, an increase of 18.9% over 2014. The performance in Germany and the Benelux countries was particularly strong. Business was boosted at the end of the year as the contract with Hewlett Packard got under way in Spain.

Revenue in France increased to €88.4 million, up 9.6% compared with 2014. Driven by the fibre segment, business in the French market continued to benefit from growth in the telecoms sector in the context of the roll-out of high-speed Internet across the country. Note that the Group recorded non-recurring business at the end of fiscal 2014 in IT and POS terminals in the amount of approximately €1.5 million.


II - Publication of results

SOLUTIONS 30 will publish its 2015 financial statements on 27 April, 2016, which will see confirmation of further growth in the Group's operating profit in the financial year.

In accordance with AMF (French financial markets authority) recommendations, the following is the calendar of periodic financial publications approved by SOLUTIONS 30's supervisory board in 2016 or in respect of 2016:

  • Monday, 25 January, 2016: publication of 2015 revenue.
  • Tuesday, 26 April, 2016: publication of Q1 2016 revenue.
  • Tuesday, 26 July, 2016: publication of Q2 2016 and H1 2016 revenue.
  • Thursday, 29 September, 2016: H1 2016 financial statements available online.
  • Thursday, 3 November, 2016: publication of Q3 2016 revenue.
  • Monday, 23 January, 2017: publication of 2016 revenue.

Upcoming events:

April 27, 2016: 2015 results


About Solutions 30


The SOLUTIONS 30 Group (ex PC30) is Europe's leading provider of solutions for New Technologies. Its mission is to make the technological changes that transform our daily lives accessible for everyone, individuals and businesses alike:   yesterday  computers  and  the Intranet, today, digital; tomorrow, the technologies that will make the world ever more connected in real time. Since its founding, the Group has handled more than 7 million calls by drawing on a network of regional technicians. SOLUTIONS 30 currently covers the whole of France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain.


SOLUTIONS 30 is listed on the Alternext market - ISIN FR0010263335 - code ALS30, eligible for the PEA-PME share savings plan,

and on the Frankfurt stock exchange on the XETRA electronic system (ISIN FR0010263335 - code EO2)

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