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Paul Pitcher -- First Down Funding -- 2016 -- The Year of Funding for United States and Canadian Entrepreneurs

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - January 26, 2016) - With the 2016 New Year underway, retailers are tooling up and readying inventory for a strong start. As your funding partner, we're ready to help you get more deals done, and meet that needed demand.

Heading into the beginning of 2016, we wanted to share with you a great story about a couple huge wins from the First Down Funding team. Meet Courtney Tolson.

Courtney Tolson, Vice President of Sales at First Down Funding, helps close hard-to-fund deals at First Down based upon cases with individual merits. Courtney has been helping close a large number of deals with First Down Funding for years.

Courtney helped secure funding for a Florida based restaurant and bar. Despite the fact that most banks won't work with high-risk full service restaurants, Mr. Tolson was able to secure them $48,000 in funding through First Down Funding.

Fast forward a couple years, and this same restaurant ended up growing 325% from First Down Funding's involvement. The owners worked with Mr. Tolson and came back to First Down Funding, on a number of occasions over 2.5 years for a total of $210,000.

Courtney also recently assisted on a deal for a family-run hardware store that had an overdrawn bank account. With Mr. Tolson's guidance as a rep, First Down Funding was able to get this business funded quickly and get the bank off their shoulders.

We love hearing about stories like this where First Down Funding's sales executives like Courtney Tolson are making it happen for hard-working small businesses.

We've had success funding the industry's most unbankable deals, so grab your phone, give First Down Funding a call and let's get to work. Let's make this a great 2016 for you and small businesses all across the U.S. and Canada.

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