MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Feb. 2, 2016) - The February issue of The Canadian Business Journal is available at www.cbj.ca. Click here to enter the publication directly. Click "Full Screen" on the navigation pane for optimal viewing.

Our cover story takes a look at the Canadian economy and the expectations of what will be ahead in Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau's upcoming budget. The content and projections will provide key indicators as to the financial plan moving forward as the price of oil continues to lag, bringing the Canadian dollar down along with it.

This edition includes a feature on traditional business patterns and the 9-5 workplace. For a growing number of Canadians, however, these words just don't ring true anymore. More workers are now employed on part-time, temporary, or contract basis, holding multiple jobs, or are self-employed. Meanwhile, Joe Connelly provides sound advice on keeping your business resolutions alive.

Celebrating more than a decade of exceptional growth in the financial services industry, privately-owned Value Partners Investments Inc. of Winnipeg is a unique investment fund management firm, offering a group of six prospectus qualified mutual funds with assets under management that is quickly approaching $2 billion. We speak to VPI President Gregg Filmon about the company's rapid ascent, which now spans from coast to coast.

We also pay a visit to the municipality of Chatham-Kent to speak with Mayor Randy Hope. Nestled in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, it's a charming rural community, which is becoming increasingly known for its broadening diversity of business activity. There are also indepth features on the Building Union of Canada, Arizona Mining and much more.

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