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Lynx Software Technologies Offers LynxSecure Security Platform for New IoT Edge Gateways From Dell

Demonstration of LynxSecure Providing Isolation on the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 at Two Key Industry Conferences

NUREMBERG, GERMANY and SAN FRANCISCO, CA --(Marketwired - February 24, 2016) - Lynx Software Technologies, Inc., a world leader in secure IoT solutions, is offering LynxSecure, its least privilege separation kernel, for the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series. LynxSecure provides military-grade isolation of IoT domains on the gateway to protect the Operational Technology (OT) world from the malicious threats that are ever-present in the Information Technology (IT) world. This solution is being demonstrated in the Lynx booth at both the Embedded World Conference in Nuremberg, Germany from February 23rd to 25th (hall 4A, booth 338) and at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, USA from February 29th to March 3rd (south hall, booth 732). This secure solution is also being shown in the Dell Security booth at the RSA conference (south hall, booth 1007).

"We believe you must think security first and assess, prepare and implement the right amount of security at the right places to safely deploy your IoT initiatives," said Jason Shepherd, director of IoT Strategy and Partnerships at Dell. "Certifying a security solution like LynxSecure for our newly released IoT Edge Gateway gives our customers the ability to completely isolate their 'northbound' IT and 'southbound' OT applications without compromising performance."

LynxSecure helps to solve one of the key security issues in the IoT today, where devices such as edge gateways bridge the OT network to the IT network to allow the transmission of data from sensors to the cloud. These gateways can become an attack point for malicious threats that enter from the IT side and attempt to capture data from or control of the OT side. LynxSecure is a secure virtualization solution based on a least privilege separation kernel, designed originally to separate and protect military networks of different classification levels; it now offers the same level of separation for IT and OT networks. The virtualization technology allows different operating systems and applications to run in secure separated domains, while maintaining real-time determinism and high performance network data throughput, with careful control and protection of the data as it moves from the OT to the IT.

"Bringing LynxSecure to the Dell Edge Gateway gives built-in security for IoT customers from day one, helping to protect their vital assets and data from IT based threats," said Ian Browde, Vice President of Corporate Development at Lynx. "LynxSecure can not only help stop attacks through the gateway, but the combination of its isolation and virtualization capabilities can also be used to maintain separation of concerns between different stakeholders' application stacks that are pulling data from the same connected sensor network."

The Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series is the newest addition to Dell's portfolio of IoT solutions, which provide customers with choice and flexibility to architect IoT ecosystems with analytics at the edge, the cloud or the data center. The gateway is available for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to build into their solutions or for building and factory automation customers to use as part of their IoT strategy.

Lynx is a member of the Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program and will be working closely with Dell to provide innovative security solutions for IoT applications. The first example of these security solutions is being shown at the above mentioned conferences that focus on both IoT and security.

Lynx will be demonstrating LynxSecure running on the Dell Edge Gateway at both Embedded World and RSA. The demonstrations will contain two isolated domains on a single gateway representing the IT and OT networks, and show how an attack in the IT domain will not compromise the OT system running in the other domain.

Internet of Things Security
As the world connects everything to the Internet, giving access to billions of connected devices across the globe, it also opens up those devices to a new world of cyber threats. Trying to add cyber protection to billions of connected devices, many of which are not even running an operating system, is a near impossible task. Running LynxSecure on edge gateways can provide a key protection point for attached endpoints, either by isolating different IoT communication streams from one another, or by separating the IoT sensor network from the Internet, which is the key attack entry point.

About Lynx Software Technologies
Lynx Software Technologies is world leader in IoT security. The award winning LynxSecure offers a secure separation kernel that also offers a virtualization platform for securing both embedded and IT systems. Since it was established in 1988, Lynx Software Technologies has created technology that has been successfully deployed in thousands of designs and millions of products made by leading communications, industrial, transportation, avionics, aerospace/defense and consumer electronics companies. Lynx Software Technologies' headquarters are located in San Jose, CA. For more information, visit

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