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Legendary Management, Inc. Quickly Becomes the Fastest Growing Marketing Firm in South Carolina

CHARLESTON, SC--(Marketwired - Feb 25, 2016) - Nestled in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina is a big league contender for fastest growing marketing firm in the South. Legendary Management, Inc. was founded in September of 2015 and has already acquired two of the largest global communications clients in the world. Director of Operations Nathaniel Kelly plans to exceed expectations, keeping momentum alive during the second quarter of the year.

Nate is from the small town of Tupelo, Mississippi, best known for being the hometown of the legendary musician, Elvis Presley. In 2014, Nate began his career in event marketing and sales promotions in Mississippi. Within a year and half, he was promoted to the Director of Operations role and took on a new market in Charleston. The recent move has sparked a surge of energy into the organization. They have set their sights high and have begun to align their goals for the year to come.

"First and foremost," says Nate, "The opportunity that Legendary Management, Inc. offers is best in class. This isn't something that can be found in any organization... the growth is real." To explain the heart of the organization Nate says, "The most important thing to us is ensuring that our clients are 100% satisfied. The second most important thing is the training program that we offer. No one can train and develop candidates in order to further the growth and development of the organization like we can."

Every October, Legendary Management's clients invite representatives to meet in a tropical paradise to offer their appreciation and award the largest contenders for their dedication throughout the year. This upcoming October, the Legendary Management team will attend the meeting in the Dominican Republic, where Nate plans to win the Rookie Manager of the year award. In order to hit their mark, Nate and his team plan to set the record for the longest standing national ranking, making the list a total of 30 times.

Over the next ten months, Legendary Marketing, Inc. is projected to expand into two new markets throughout the nation. Their primary focus is Tennessee and Alabama. Nate admits, "We will assist in expansions wherever the opportunity lies."

Legendary Marketing, Inc. continues to focus on the training and development aspect of the company in order to hit their mark and set the standard higher than it has ever been throughout the nation. Becoming the biggest asset to their clients continues to be their first priority.

If you are interested in the career opportunities, please contact the Human Resource Department.

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