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Arcato Laboratories, Maker of OraWax, Releases Two Videos on Their Investment Opportunity

Potential Market for OraWax Estimated at $400 Million Annually

DURHAM, NC--(Marketwired - March 01, 2016) -  Arcato Laboratories, developer of OraWax™, a revolutionary new treatment for the discomfort caused by orthodontic braces, has released two videos that describe the investment opportunity of their private securities offering.

Christopher S. Meldrum, President & CEO of Arcato Laboratories, said, "The technology platform of Arcato Laboratories is based upon a patented method of delivering a local anesthetic to oral mucosal membranes over a sustained period of time."

"Based upon the market analysis conducted by the company, the OraWax™ product has an estimated market of about $400 million per year," Meldrum stated.

"At Arcato, we recently launched a crowdfunding campaign, so to better explain our investment opportunity, we released two videos: a short one-minute overview, and a longer four-minute video."

The short video is available here.

The longer video is available here.

"All private security investments bear a degree of risk," said Thomas Vass, the investment advisor to Arcato, "and we want all potential investors to understand both the risks and the rewards of making an investment in this promising technology company. We believe these two videos are essential for any investor who may be considering our private offering," Vass added.

About Arcato Laboratories

Arcato Laboratories, a leader in the sustained release of anesthetics, is commercializing proprietary products to serve specialty oral healthcare practitioners, such as orthodontists and oral surgeons. Arcato's first product, a medical device named OraWax™, targets orthodontists and their patients as the first effective treatment for oral discomfort caused by orthodontic appliances (braces). For more information on investing, please visit our Investor Relations Page.

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